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About the KidsRights Changemakers Movement

KidsRights stands for the welfare and the rights of children around the world. KidsRights thinks of children as change makers and believes in their power to make changes possible.  Each year, KidsRights awards the International Children’s Peace Prize to a child that fights courageously and exceptionally for  the implementation of children’s rights. With the prize, KidsRights offers a stage to children to talk about themselves and their fight. As patron Desmond Tutu expressed it, they "give a voice to the voiceless."  

Children are changemakers. KidsRights works with children to create a world in which children's rights are guaranteed. Together they promote change. With their activities, the winners of the International Children's Peace Prize show the huge impact children can have in the struggle for their rights. The prize gives the winners a platform to make their voices heard and the opportunity to develop as positive and flexible changemakers. The award also brings to light children’s rights and creates icons for all those children that are confronted with injustice. Worldwide, there are many talented children with promising initiatives. KidsRights wants all of them to be recognized and supported in their effort to improve children's rights. No matter how small these initiatives may be, with the right support they can have an enormous unlimited impact.

Mohamad Al Jounde (winner 2017): "Every action, small or big, can make a change."

Within the KidsRights Changemakers Movement, we connect, inspire and activate young people all around the world to make a change. By sharing their initiatives on this platform, young people will inspire, mobilize and support each other. Together they make up a global community of change makers.

Welcome to the KidsRights Changemakers Movement!

Do you want to make a difference in children’s rights? Everyone can be a changemaker. Watch the video to find out more. Would you like to sign up as a changemaker? Or would you like to check out the platform first?