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"Violence against children is always unfair and can be averted”

Abraham M. Keita

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Abraham M. Keita, known simply as Keita, is the winner of the International Children's Peace Prize 2015. Born on the 21st of April in Liberia, he is committed to protecting children from violence. Abraham also fights for justice for children who are victims of violence.

My name is Keita. I was born in West Point, the largest slum of Monrovia, the capital city of  Liberia. In my country, children rights are violated on a daily basis, something I find totally unacceptable. It has to stop!  

The initiative 
I was five years old when rebels killed my father. A few years later, when I was 9 years old, a 13 year old girl in my neighborhood was sexually abused and murdered. The perpetrators were not caught. Together with many other children, I organized a peaceful demonstration against their impunity. It worked as the offenders finally got arrested! The success of our action motivated me to keep on fighting for justice ever since. 

Later on, I participated in the Liberian Children's Parliament, writing letters to the government, asking it to respect and realize children's rights. I also organized many peaceful demonstrations, and with great result! In 2012, the Liberian Government adopted a law for the protection of children!  

Together we move the world 
KidsRights supports me, as a changemaker, in the fight against violence and for justice in Liberia. We have informed, inspired and mobilized hundreds of children. We have also strengthened the position of nearly two thousand children and promoted the debate about sexual violence in Liberia.  

My mission 
My dream is living in a world where every child is safe, where he or she can participate in the decision-making process and where justice is being served. I want to change the world. It does not matter where you are or where you come from, you too can be a change maker who can make a difference to the world.  


SEARCH: against violence in Liberia
Liberian Abraham M. Keita, also known as Keita, is the International Children's Peace Prize Winner of 2015. He fights for justice for children who have been victims of (sexual) violence. Not only because violence against children is common in Liberia, but also because Keita has had to experience it up close. Read more about Keita's courageous battle To support Keita in his fight, we searched for local project partners with the same goal. This resulted in a long-term collaboration with project partner SEARCH, an organization that works against violence against children in Liberia.

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