Aisshwarya - KidsRights
“We need to strive for a society without gender discrimination”.


Country of origin
Current country
Loves: Gardening, reading, sports

Aisshwarya is living and studying in India. She really loves reading, especially science books.

Aisshwarya has already taken action for the environment before. She did this by telling students what they can do to protect the environment, and to motivate them to plant trees.

Currently, she is fighting against gender inequality. She noticed that girls are seen as the weaker gender in her environment. They have less rights than boys do, for example to education, health care, work and decision making. Her dream is a community in which there is no discrimination based on gender, and where boys and girls are equal.

Are you curious how Aisshwarya is taking action to make her dream come true? Click here to read about her project!


Without Borders
Without Borders is KidsRights’ project partner in Sri Lanka. Without Borders started in 2014, as a group of young volunteers that wanted to teach English to children and adults.
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