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“The future is now, don't wait for tomorrow because the future starts today!”


Country of origin
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Loves: Writing and drawing

Betty has two brothers and her hobbies are drawing, writing and working. She especially loves to work for organizations that increase chances for young people. She has a huge passion for people, and that is the reason why she is working with a group at her school. This group helps girls who are victims of sexual violence.

With her organization Betty’s Arts, Betty creates art in which she promotes peace and harmony between different groups. She would like to take part in politics later on.

Her dream is to bring change in her community as well as in the world. Change that will free the world of sexual violence, eliminate discrimination, where there is enough food and education for everyone.



Valeria’s school libraries
What is the problem? Illiteracy is plays a big role in Guatemala. Someone who is illiterate is someone who can’t read, write or spell (well). Many groups of the Guatemalan population live in poverty, and the quality of the education differs from school to school. The difference between rich and poor schools is large, even though education is the foundation for the future of a child. Valeria herself is going to a wealthy school and would like to help children at less wealthy schools. In this way, she hopes to fight illiteracy by promoting reading and writing, to ultimately fight illiteracy. What is Valeria’s solution? Valeria wants to create a fun and safe space filled with books. A place where children are encouraged to show their creativity and where reading is fun. To achieve this she will start an organization that collects teaching materials and books. Encouraging children to read and making this something that is fun, means they will continue to develop and learn to think about various subjects. Reading also improves their vocabulary and imagination. Valeria is also planning on having a campaign to promote reading. She wants to award a prize to the children who read the most, hoping to motivate children to start reading more. What is the goal? Valeria wants to make reading and learning fun by building libraries at poorer schools. She hopes the children will realize that reading will improve their future, and is fighting illiteracy. How does Valeria work? Valeria and her friends will organize two days on which they will collect books at their own school and other richer schools. They will use the books to set up a small library at one selected school. Valeria will run the library for one month, after that the school will take over. She thinks it will be a challenge to make reading and learning fun for the children. Who does Valeria need?   ·         Her cousin, her three friends (age 17 years old) and twenty volunteers (15-18 years old) to help her set up the library ·         KidsRights to spread her message, so more schools and children can be supported What does Valeria need?   ·         Flyers to spread her message ·         A computer for the presentations ·         Books! ·         Boxes to store the books ·         Paint to give the library a nice color
Hillary's Peace Clubs
What's the problem? In Ghana, in the neighborhood where Hillary lives, there is a lot of violence. This violence stems from conflicts between different Ghanaian tribes, and has already killed many people. This makes it unsafe for children to go to school and play outside. Fortunately, local organizations are fighting against violence and try to create peace. However, according to Hillary, children’s opinions are not taken into consideration when it comes to making decisions that affect them, and thinks they need to be more involved. This gave Hillary the idea to motivate and mobilize children to participate in activities that contribute to building peace. What is Hillary's solution? Hillary is convinced that his neighborhood will become safer when children and young people participate in campaigns that promote peace. For that reason he has established Peace Clubs, where young people unite and take action against violence. In each Peace Club there are 15 boys and girls, from 10 to 16 years old. Hillary thinks it is important that religions are brought together within these clubs, but also that all children can participate and, for example, disabled children are not excluded. The Peace Clubs organize events such as a Public Peace March and a Children's Peace Festival, to spread their message and motivate other peers to participate. What is the goal? The main goal of Hillary's Peace Clubs is to bring children from different backgrounds together and mobilize them to take action against violence. It is important that people start to see how important a child can be in building peace. How does Hillary work? Hillary thinks it's important to strengthen each other and is therefore planning to work together with several local organizations. He achieves this by telling the organizations about the Peace Clubs and by explaining how children can be of value in their activities. Hillary also guides the Peace Clubs with setting up peace marches, festivals and information sessions at schools. The Clubs meet once a week to exchange ideas. Another important part of Hillary's project is informing parents about the Peace Clubs visiting them personally. He does this so that the parents encourage their children to participate in the events of the Peace Clubs. What does Hillary need? Hillary uses posters, banners, pens and pencils to convey his message. Hillary also has shirts printed to create solidarity and to combat discrimination. By wearing the same shirt, all children look the same and everyone is equal. Who does Hillary need? Parents who give their children permission and motivate them to participate Schools where he can tell about his project Radio stations and newspapers to spread his message The local police to protect him and the other members of the Peace Clubs
Taran’s children’s rights workshops
What is the problem? According to Taran, children and adults are often not aware of the rights that a child has; whilst children’s rights are so important for children and their future. Awareness of children’s rights is especially low in the countryside of Mauritius. What is Taran’s solution? Through Taran’s work for a children’s rights organization, he has gathered a lot of knowledge about children’s rights and has experience conducting workshops. He is therefore planning to give children’s rights workshops to children living in the countryside of Mauritius. He will start with two workshops at two different locations with 30 children per workshop. During the workshop Taran will focus on children’s rights in general and he is allowed to make use of the teaching materials of the children’s rights organization he works for. Also he will give the word to two young guest speakers and lead a group discussion. What is the goal ? Taran’s goal is to make sure that children become aware of their rights and know how to apply this to their daily lives. He also hopes that participants will make use of an online hotline. This is an organization where children can turn to with all their questions and experiences. Professionals will be at hand to answer their questions. It is not the hotline that Taran works for, but he thinks that in this way he will be able to judge the impact of his workshops. How does Taran work? The children’s rights organization where Taran works will help him with the organization and execution of the workshops. Taran’s responsibilities lie in the selection and invitation of the young participants and leading the group discussions. He expects that it will be a challenge to convince parents to allow their children to come to a workshop that will last a whole day. The workshops, teaching materials and the lunch will be free. He hopes that will help. Who does he need? Taran needs help from his work in organizing the workshops. He is also looking for two young people who can help him with this project. What does Taran need? He needs teaching materials from his work and a location to conduct the workshop. He would also like to serve tea and lunch.
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