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“The future is now, don't wait for tomorrow because the future starts today!”


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Loves: Writing and drawing

Betty has two brothers and her hobbies are drawing, writing and working. She especially loves to work for organizations that increase chances for young people. She has a huge passion for people, and that is the reason why she is working with a group at her school. This group helps girls who are victims of sexual violence.

With her organization Betty’s Arts, Betty creates art in which she promotes peace and harmony between different groups. She would like to take part in politics later on.

Her dream is to bring change in her community as well as in the world. Change that will free the world of sexual violence, eliminate discrimination, where there is enough food and education for everyone.



YOCEL: against violence in Liberia
Liberian Abraham M. Keita, better known as Keita, is the International Children's Peace Prize Winner of 2015. He fights for justice for children who have been victims of (sexual) violence. This is too common in Liberia; Keita has even seen it happening in his neighborhood.  Read more about Keita's courageous battle  To support Keita in his fight, we searched for local project partners with the same goal. This resulted in a long-term collaboration with project partner YOCEL, an organization that works against violence against children in Liberia.
Valeria’s school libraries
What is the problem? Illiteracy is plays a big role in Guatemala. Someone who is illiterate is someone who can’t read, write or spell (well). Many groups of the Guatemalan population live in poverty, and the quality of the education differs from school to school. The difference between rich and poor schools is large, even though education is the foundation for the future of a child. Valeria herself is going to a wealthy school and would like to help children at less wealthy schools. In this way, she hopes to fight illiteracy by promoting reading and writing, to ultimately fight illiteracy. What is Valeria’s solution? Valeria wants to create a fun and safe space filled with books. A place where children are encouraged to show their creativity and where reading is fun. To achieve this she will start an organization that collects teaching materials and books. Encouraging children to read and making this something that is fun, means they will continue to develop and learn to think about various subjects. Reading also improves their vocabulary and imagination. Valeria is also planning on having a campaign to promote reading. She wants to award a prize to the children who read the most, hoping to motivate children to start reading more. What is the goal? Valeria wants to make reading and learning fun by building libraries at poorer schools. She hopes the children will realize that reading will improve their future, and is fighting illiteracy. How does Valeria work? Valeria and her friends will organize two days on which they will collect books at their own school and other richer schools. They will use the books to set up a small library at one selected school. Valeria will run the library for one month, after that the school will take over. She thinks it will be a challenge to make reading and learning fun for the children. Who does Valeria need?   ·         Her cousin, her three friends (age 17 years old) and twenty volunteers (15-18 years old) to help her set up the library ·         KidsRights to spread her message, so more schools and children can be supported What does Valeria need?   ·         Flyers to spread her message ·         A computer for the presentations ·         Books! ·         Boxes to store the books ·         Paint to give the library a nice color
Aznova's Inclusion Workshops
What is the problem? Barguna in Bangladesh, where Aznova is from, is a cyclone prone area and thus vulnerable to natural disasters. It does not offer inclusive disaster risk reduction initiatives for disabled people, who are much more at risk when disasters occur. Also, the education system is not inclusive and disabled children are left behind. People view disabled children as a burden of the family or community in general and as a result, disabled children have no proper access to services. What is Aznova’s solution? Aznova wants to provide disabled children with quality education and disaster risk reduction measures as well. She wants to raise awareness and change the public opinion on these two issues. She plans on doing this through a number of workshops and counselling sessions. The participants of these workshops would be the disabled children, their parents, the community’s youth, local journalists and members of the local government. During the workshop, she wants to empower disabled children to become role models in the community to show that every child has power and rights. Aznova wants children within her region to get organized as leaders and mobilize the community in favour of disabled children. Also, Aznova plans on having information sessions with disabled children and their parents to educate them that disability should not be seen as a burden on the family. What is Aznova’s goal? Aznova’s goal is that disabled children are seen as actual right-holding individuals, that are respected and adequately cared for appropriately to their condition. She thinks that her project will be successful once disabled children will no longer be undermined or discriminated against in her region. Aznova’s other goal is that community leaders, service providers and local authorities realize the importance of serving disabled children and giving them adequate access to services like education, disabled-friendly infrastructure and cyclone shelters and adequate health services. How does Aznova work? Aznova plans on leading her project, but strongly counts on the involvement and participation of other children. She will coordinate the projects and cooperate with other children to achieve its success. What does Aznova need? Disabled-children friendly materials to play and learn Who does Aznova need? In order to implement her projects, Aznova will need support from professionals on disability issues to give disabled children their needed support and that respect their rights fully. Also, she needs the participation of (disabled) children and their parents.
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