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"I would like to see a world without substance abuse".


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Loves: Photography and making videos

Chinrasu is a zealous sportsman. He is good at singing and dancing and also loves yoga.

He also loves to take part in discussions about problems children in his neighbourhood experience. Chinrasu thinks that children’s welfare is of utmost importance.

He has been very active in this for the past 10 years. He was a member of the Children’s Rights Club & Movement, played the leading role in a play about children’s rights and made short films on alcohol abuse, labour, clean water and more.

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Sibe's Youth Clubs for Peace
What is the problem? Sibe lives in Gokana, Nigeria. This town is home to a few groups that are constantly fighting with each other. They cause a lot of discrimination and violence in Sibe’s neighborhood. Children and adults get injured or even die. As a result, both children and adults live in fear, and are afraid to leave their houses. The groups in Sibe’s neighborhood try to recruit children so they will join the group. Therefore, the groups continue to exist, just like discrimination and violence. Sibe wants to end the discrimination and violence in his neighborhood and is taking action. What is Sibe’s solution? Sibe wants to establish clubs for young people, that collectively fight for peace and against the groups in the neighborhood. Each club has a young leader, who convinces the children to not join any of the groups. First, these leaders have to follow a training, in which they learn how to inform and motivate their peers to take action. The leaders meet weekly to discuss the progress they make. Next to that, Sibe wants to develop a program about gender equality and violence. This will teach children how to detect and understand the negative consequences of the groups’ actions. The aim is that this will lead to a decrease in the amount of children that join any of the violent groups, and an increase in the amount of children that want to fight for peace and are aware of their rights. What is the goal? Sibe’s goal is to take action for peace with as many children as possible. He wants to start with reaching and convincing 50 children below 13 years old. How does Sibe work? Sibe’s hometown is divided into 17 communities. Eventually, he wants to reach all of them, but he is going to start with one. He will lead the project himself and will look for children that can help him. He would also like to work together with local organizations that can support his goal. What does Sibe need? He needs teaching material such as informative picture (infographics) for the trainings and the program. Besides that, Sibe needs pens, paper and pencils. Who does he need? Local organizations to support his activities and getting useful information. Members for the clubs for young people. Young leaders to support him and lead the clubs for young people
Betty’s school sessions
What is the problem?  Sexual violence is a daily occurrence in Betty’s community. Girls who are victims are ashamed and therefore keep their mouth shut, even though this may have a huge impact on them. These girls could have unwanted pregnancies, infections, STDs or other sexual diseases. Betty sees that when this happens, the girls usually drop out of school and lose their friends and family. The girls then have nowhere else to go. Betty has tried helping them, but needs help to do so. With the support of KidsRights she is setting up a project. What is Betty’s solution? School sessions: At school Betty wants to organize sessions every other week where about 20 to 30 students, victims of sexual violence, parents, school and village leaders can brainstorm about stopping sexual violence aimed at children. Visiting media & government:Together with a few participants of the school sessions she wants to visit diverse media companies and government institutions. She hopes that her plight will be heard and action will be taken. Betty is working with two media companies that are helping to reach as many people as possible. Awareness Walk: Betty wants to conclude with a protest march in which young people, children, adults and victims of sexual violence can walk together. In this way she wants to draw attention to sexual violence. She expects 200 participants. What is the goal? That all inhabitants are informed of children’s rights and that sexual violence aimed at children is finally stopped! How does Betty work?  Betty will focus on guiding the team. She is afraid that money will be problem. But she is also convinced that if you really want to get something done, you can also achieve it without money. Who does Betty need?   Organizations, school leaders, parents and village leaders are the ones needed to think about solutions, to take action and to reach out to others. The group at her school with whom she is working with. Read more about this group here. What does Betty need?   Advice on how she can set up her project. A wider audience so that the world knows what she is doing.
Gender Equality
Fatima’s libraries
What is the problem? In Fatima’s environment women do not have a voice. For example, it is expected of girls that they quit school, will not start working or studying, and will take care of their family. But also many boys do not finish their school, but this is to start working and making money. Poverty plays a large role in this. Fatima wants children to know that girls and boys have the same right to go to school. It does not matter if you are poor or rich, all children have the right to education. What is Fatima’s solution? Fatima is convinced that reading is very important to the development of children. It gives them power and knowledge about for example equality, the environment, and rights. She wants girls to be aware of the fact that they have just as many rights as boys. That they are also allowed to learn, make decisions themselves, and are in charge of their own bodies. Fatima will do this by giving three different workshops for girls (9-13 years old): Reading stories to girls about inspiring women, to get them motivated to think about the future and studying Letting girls write, to show them and their parents what they can do: that they are smart and creative enough to stay in school Start the conversation with girls about sexuality and their bodies. They get to decide who touches them, and who doesn’t. Here they will learn why they are allowed to protect themselves, and how to do that. What is the goal? The goal is that girls know that they can decide themselves about their future, and take decisions themselves. They are allowed to stay in school, study, and work. Fatima hopes that girls will start protecting themselves and their bodies. Boys can’t just touch them, if they do not want them to. How does Fatima work? Fatima does not only guide the activities, but also participates herself. In this way, she wants to motivate the girls to share their personal experiences. Next to that she is helping her mother with planning the workshops. Like this she is half participant, half leader. She sees it as a challenge to get all the girls together. Lots of girls have to take care of their families, or their parents do not allow them to participate. What does Fatima need? More inspiring stories to read Internet A large screen Who does she need? Her mom’s help with finding sponsors, leading the activities, and printing the teaching material The participating girls Marleny (the librarian) that will help with the workshops
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