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Divina was a finalist of the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2016. She lives in Cameroon, where terrorist groups such as Boko Haram are active and recruit children to join their fight. With the help of KidsRights, Divina has developed a successful cartoon character for her fight against extremism and violence. Now, she wants to develop this initiative by offering workshops to members of youth clubs and to other children in the community. Another thing she has planned is to print her cartoons on t-shirts. With that she wants to make sure that many young people will spread the message of peace outside the workshops, and to reach people who can't read.


Luc’s training against parental violence
What is the problem? Luc has seen how parents often use violence while raising their children. Every family is different of course, but in many cases, children receive severe punishment when they misbehave. They are hit, cursed at, or taken from school and put to work. Luc thinks these punishments are too severe and has decided to take action. Wat is Luc’s solution? Luc will hold training sessions and group discussions with parents, teachers, local leaders and children present. He wants to make them aware of children’s rights and promote a more constructive way of raising children with reasonable punishment. During the training, parents will be taught nonviolent ways to correct children when they misbehave. The topic of the group discussions will be the behavior of children and youths. The participants will discuss behavior that can be improved and constructive ways to improve it. Luc will also support children who receive very severe punishments. He will be aided by an already established program in this endeavor. What is the goal? The goal is to end corporal punishment. He also wants participants to acknowledge and respect children’s rights and for parents to change their perspective on the development of their children. How does Luc work? Luc will plan, organize and lead the group discussion and training. He wants to involve as many young people from his community as possible in his project but foresees problems. Raising the money and finding teaching material will also be a challenge. What does Luc need? Luc needs teaching material and a location to hold the training and workshop. Who does he need? The students from the Youth Advocacy Team will help Luc execute his project. Read more about the youth team Luc is a member of. Luc would also like to receive help from local organizations concerned with children’s rights and wants to find other changemakers through KidsRights. He hopes they can learn from each other.
Child marriage
Girls United for Human Rights by Hadiqa
What's the problem? Where Hadiqa lives, many girls have to marry at a young age. This happens throughout Pakistan, but in Hadiqa’s neighborhood, the number of child marriages is the highest. Girls are expected to marry early, have children and stay at home to look after their families. They can’t play or go to school anymore and have no opportunities to grow. Far too often, they become victims of (sexual) violence. Hadiqa was 11 years old when she received a marriage proposal herself. Read more about Hadiqa's story. This encouraged her to establish Girls United for Human Rights at the age of 12. What is Hadiqa's solution? With Girls United for Human Rights, Hadiqa wants to ensure that girls get into action, so that together they can create a world in which everyone is equal and girls have a better life. The organization consists of only girls, under the age of 18. Together they go to families, organize meetings and conduct campaigns. This way, they want to raise awareness about the negative consequences of child marriages. Read more about Girls United for Human Rights. Hadiqa would like to expand her organization with podcasts, education and training.  In the podcasts, Hadiqa wants to let girls speak who got out of a marriage themselves. She will educate religious leaders. These leaders have a lot of influence on people and can therefore ensure that people look at child marriages differently. Train girls through the Young Girls Leadership Program, to become a changemaker and to assume a role as a leader. What is the goal? Hadiqa's goal is to improve the lives of girls and women in her Pakistani neighborhood. How does she do it? Together with her team, Hadiqa defines what exactly should happen. These tasks are then divided among them. Hadiqa keeps the overview and keeps an eye on whether everyone is doing well. She finds it important that all activities are evaluated afterwards. What have we achieved? What went well? And what should we do differently next time? To ensure that this is possible, they must determine in advance how it will be measured. What does Hadiqa need? For the project, Hadiqa needs, among other things, sound equipment, pens, transport, a laptop and a camera. Who does she need? Girls who want to share their personal story. Religious leaders who want to assist her in her fight against child marriage.
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