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“I hope to see young people lead the creation of a free, safe and educated world.”


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Loves: Reading

Ewelle is a human rights activist with a passion for children’s rights. He wants every child and youth in Liberia to feel safe and have the opportunity to visit school. Ewelle loves art, volunteer work, reading, and sport.

He is youth coordinator of the 100 Million Campaign which focusses on:

  • Youth support: every young person has a right to safety, education, and freedom.
  • Attitude change: a change in the attitude of the population will end illiteracy and violence against children.

Every December the organization organizes a campaign against child labor. The aim is to inform the school and village leaders, parents, children, youths and the government.

Ewelle collaborates with several different youth organizations in Liberia. For instance, he works with ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect), KidsRights’s Liberian project partner. ANPPCAN aims to improve child protection by strengthening the community, families, professionals and the government.

Ewelle hopes for a safe, educated and free world with young leaders. 


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