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“Little by little we will make it happen”.


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Loves: Reading and writing

Fatima lives with her mother in Guatemala. She also has two sisters, who are both fighting for human rights. With the four of them they have founded a library, in their own home! Every day they welcome 50 children. Fatima is helping them with homework, and likes to read to them. They are also organizing different activities, in which children can participate.

They set up the library to offer education, and to promote reading. Fatima, her mother, and her sisters think this is something very important. Especially in their environment, in which people live in poverty. As a result of the poverty, lots of children quit school and start working. Fatima wants to teach them that all children have equal rights, no matter if you’re rich or poor. All children are equal and have the right to for example education.

Fatima’s dream is to expand the library to other neighborhoods, so children will have more access to books. A future library she would name after her grandma, in honor of the change she has made as a women.

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