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Fatima lives with her mother in Guatemala. She also has two sisters, who are both fighting for human rights. With the four of them they have founded a library, in their own home! Every day they welcome 50 children. Fatima is helping them with homework, and likes to read to them. They are also organizing different activities, in which children can participate.

They set up the library to offer education, and to promote reading. Fatima, her mother, and her sisters think this is something very important. Especially in their environment, in which people live in poverty. As a result of the poverty, lots of children quit school and start working. Fatima wants to teach them that all children have equal rights, no matter if you’re rich or poor. All children are equal and have the right to for example education.

Fatima’s dream is to expand the library to other neighborhoods, so children will have more access to books. A future library she would name after her grandma, in honor of the change she has made as a women.

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Jeff's Anti-Jigger Campaign
What is the problem? In Jeff’s neighborhood, jiggers are causing big issues. Jiggers are little insects that nestle themselves under your skin and lay eggs there. This inflames the skin which has significant consequences on your health. According to Jeff, many people cannot walk or sit properly, because of the infection in their feet or buttocks. Jeff has had severe inflammations as a result of jiggers himself, and as a result could barely go to school. There are various ways to prevent and treat jiggers, such as paying attention to hygiene, wearing shoes, and removing jiggers, which can be done easily. Because of the poverty in Jeff’s neighborhood, these options are not a possibility for most people, which is why jiggers keeps spreading. There is also a taboo that plays a large role – local doctors do not want to threat jiggers, because they are afraid of getting infected themselves. As a result, people are not getting the help they need in the hospital. What is Jeff´s solution? When Jeff was 9, he decided to take action against jiggers. He made shoes from old car tires, and helped people remove jiggers. Later, Jeff decided that as many children as possible should learn how to do this. With the help of a social worker, he has started his own project, the Anti-Jigger Campaign, which will seek to inform people about jiggers, hygiene, and making shoes. What is the goal? Jeff wants to inform as many children as possible about treating and preventing jiggers. With his Anti-Jigger Campaign, he wants to start with around 30 children, by teaching them how to make shoes and protect themselves against jiggers. Jeff’s goal is to make sure all children can go to school again, and that adults can do their jobs without having health issues. He is convinced this will have a positive effect on his community’s economy. How does Jeff work? Jeff will start with preparing an informative meeting about hygiene, and a workshop about how to make shoes. He expects the biggest challenge to be finding children that want to take action with him. Everybody wants to stay as far away as possible from jiggers, and as a result are they afraid to help the infected people. What does Jeff need? Old car tires for the shoes. Basic first-aid supplies such as disinfecting supplies and bandages. Soap for washing the students. Scissors for making the shoes with car tires. Needles for removing jiggers Who does he need? Groups of people where he can come by to inform them and give workshops. Children that want to participate in his initiative.
Paul’s fight for appropriate eduction
What is the problem? According to Paul education in Zambia is not how it should be, the lessons should be more child friendly. It does not entirely contribute to the children’s development, because it is not focussed on the children’s future. For example, they should be taught about leadership and how to solve problems. That way children will develop into responsible adults who little by little can create a better Africa. What is Paul’s solution? Paul would like to change the curriculum by reaching the Ministry of Education with a march of youth. When the ministry sees the amount of youth protesting for better education, they may be more likely to change it. Prior to the march he would like to create clubs of around 15 youth. Within these clubs they will discuss the education system. This way Paul will gain a better idea what the needs are. These clubs will make other youth enthusiastic about joining the march. Paul hope in excess of 300 youth will join the protest. What is his goal? Paul’s goal is to see change in the curriculum, for it to be more tailored to children’s needs. How does Paul work? Paul will make sure everything goes according to the plan. Prior to the protest he will contact the police, locale politicians and the red cross for them to support him with the march. He hopes to speak to the ministry himself, however this may be challenging. Who does Paul need? Students who would like to join his club. Other students willing to join the march. What does Paul need? Ideas of other changemakers around the world for inspiration Tips of Children’s Peace Prize winner Thandiwe, who has experience with championing education in Zambia.
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