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“Everyone has a part to play. We have the power. I did it, you can do it too!” 


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Starting from a young age, Jeff suffered from jiggers. Jiggers are little insects that nestle themselves under your skin and lay eggs there. This inflames the skin, which has significant consequences for your health. Because of the infection in his feet and buttocks, Jeff often could not go to school, as he was not able to sit or walk properly. Many children and adults in Jeff’s neighborhood have the same problems.

When Jeff was 9, he decided to take action. What did he do to fight against the jiggers? Read more about Jeff’s changemaking project here.

In the future, Jeff wants to keep helping both children and adults to change their lives. His mission is to put a smile on everyone’s face.


Replacing trees with Sathiya
What is the problem? The earth belongs to everyone. It belongs to humans, but also to insects, birds, fish, and animals. According to Sathiya, people act like the earth belongs only to them. This causes many problems for the environment and therefore this has to change.  In the area where Sathiya lives, people plant trees that are alien to the region. These cause harm to the environment and especially to the water sources. Surrounding villages have to deal with contaminated water and this is harmful to both humans and animals. This is where Sathiya will try to make a change.  What is Sathiya’s solution? Sathiya will start by spreading information about the harmful trees. In May, he and five other young people will travel to two nearby villages to inform the population about the harmful effects of the dangerous trees. Hopefully, the people will understand that these trees have to be removed. In July, Sathiya and a group of enthusiastic children, youths and adults will remove the alien trees and replace them with trees that naturally grow in the region, and which won’t cause harm to the environment. What is the goal? The goal is to remove all alien trees and replace them with indigenous ones. Sathiya also hopes that his message will get through to people and that in the future they will be more considerate towards the environment. He hopes that his message will reach at least half of all families in the area. How does Sathiya work?  Sathiya leads the project along with five other youths. He thinks it will be a challenge to plan everything out, especially because he is busy with work. Who does Sathiya need?   ·         Local organization, to support his project. He has already approached these organizations. What does Sathiya need?   ·         Feedback on his plan from KidsRights ·         More information on the environment ·         Help with expanding his project ·         The knowledge and experience of other changemakers. How did they approach their project and what did they learn?
Betty’s school sessions
What is the problem?  Sexual violence is a daily occurrence in Betty’s community. Girls who are victims are ashamed and therefore keep their mouth shut, even though this may have a huge impact on them. These girls could have unwanted pregnancies, infections, STDs or other sexual diseases. Betty sees that when this happens, the girls usually drop out of school and lose their friends and family. The girls then have nowhere else to go. Betty has tried helping them, but needs help to do so. With the support of KidsRights she is setting up a project. What is Betty’s solution? School sessions: At school Betty wants to organize sessions every other week where about 20 to 30 students, victims of sexual violence, parents, school and village leaders can brainstorm about stopping sexual violence aimed at children. Visiting media & government:Together with a few participants of the school sessions she wants to visit diverse media companies and government institutions. She hopes that her plight will be heard and action will be taken. Betty is working with two media companies that are helping to reach as many people as possible. Awareness Walk: Betty wants to conclude with a protest march in which young people, children, adults and victims of sexual violence can walk together. In this way she wants to draw attention to sexual violence. She expects 200 participants. What is the goal? That all inhabitants are informed of children’s rights and that sexual violence aimed at children is finally stopped! How does Betty work?  Betty will focus on guiding the team. She is afraid that money will be problem. But she is also convinced that if you really want to get something done, you can also achieve it without money. Who does Betty need?   Organizations, school leaders, parents and village leaders are the ones needed to think about solutions, to take action and to reach out to others. The group at her school with whom she is working with. Read more about this group here. What does Betty need?   Advice on how she can set up her project. A wider audience so that the world knows what she is doing.
Mohamed’s schools without stress
What is the problem?  According to Mohamed, the current school system in the Netherlands is causing a lot of stress and depression among young people. Students are given too many tests and too much homework, whereby  they have to constantly perform well. In Finland, students are at school for a shorter period and have less homework, yet they perform very well and feel a lot better. Mohamed wonders why we do not adopt this school system in the Netherlands and that is why he is taking action. What is Mohamed’s solution? Mohamed wants to make use of a film to raise awareness for the current education system and shows how it can be done differently. He will conceptualize and record the film. He will also do research on school systems. The results of his research will be presented in the film. He hopes to show viewers what kind of stress and work pressure students are experiencing and how this can be changed. What is the goal?  The goal is to start a dialogue between young people, school boards, town councils, the government and principals. The ultimate goal is to change the school system. How does Mohamed work?  Mohamed will start by doing research on the different methods of teaching and then make an assessment. Besides this he will also do research on the current system and the innovative systems. Mohamed will contact experts whom he can interview and will also be the host of the show. The film will be distributed via social media, even though he thinks it will be a challenge to channel it to the right people. Who does Mohamed need?   ·         Local experts whom he can interview, such as the school principal, teacher or the ‘Kinderombudsvrouw’( the Dutch children’s ombudsperson). ·         KidsRights for their help in setting up the project. ·         Friends who will help in filming. ·         A camera crew. What does Mohamed need?   ·         Editing material. ·         The network of KidsRights for the contact with experts and help with the distribution of the film. ·         Tips on reaching the right people.
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