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“A violence free childhood is very important for a peaceful adulthood.”


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Karupuswamy has been concerned with children’s rights since he was in high school. He helped children with their homework, so they could keep up and did not have to quit school. He also participated in trainings about children’s rights, in the evenings after school. Because of those trainings he learned a lot about the problems that children are facing. Especially violence against children is a problem he often encounters.

He is hoping for violence free & and children friendly families, schools, and communities.


Sumaiya's SRHR youth clubs
What is the problem? Sumaiya lives in a community in which she experiences the existence of a great health problem. Most people do not have any knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), and this is an even bigger problem for children. Children between the ages of 10 and 19, as well as their parents, are not at all aware of SRHR. The consequences of this lack of awareness is that people have poor personal health care, are particularly exposed to sexual diseases, do not take prenatal care and are not aware of postnatal care, as well as take poor care of newborns. Also, family planning counselling as such is not provided for correctly. Parents have trouble taking care of their adolescent children regarding this topic, as well as in general. What is Sumaiya’s solution? Sumaiya’s solution is to disseminate information on SRHR through a number of activities. She wants to activate youth (15-19 year) to join her in her youth club and become peer educators. They will work together in making people aware about SRHR. Sumaiya plans on doing this though two workshops with two different target groups: youth and parents. Finally she will organize and facilitate a Theatre of Development, which will reach a broader audience. The main themes in this Theatre will be puberty & changes, parental care and sexual diseases. What is her goal? Sumaiya’s goal will be met when adolescents, including the most vulnerable ones, will be able to make informed decisions and have access to information and services for Sexual and Reproductive Health. How does Sumaiya work? Sumaiya will lead the project implementation in participation with other youths. At the same time, she will coordinate and cooperate in the workshops, youth group and Theatre for Development. What does Sumaiya need? Sumaiya needs information dissemination materials, like Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) materials and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials, as well as cultural activities materials. For instance, adolescents will use local musical program to disseminate information. Who does Sumaiya need? Sumaiya needs other children to join as participants of the project. Also she needs parents, civil society organization members and health service providers to join in on the project activities and provide information. They will support the cause by giving social support, mobilize resources and give access to different places, such as service centers.
Divina's Peace Workshops
What’s the problem? Divina is worried by the rise of violent extremism within her country. Violent extremist groups have destroyed a great number of lives. They have also devastated farmlands, which caused famine in the society, as well as demolished schools, causing the interruption of education for a lot of children. Divina noticed that more and more children are getting involved in these armed groups and are recruited as child soldiers. She wants to do something against it and decided to take action. What is Divina’s solution? Divina wants to end the recruiting of children in extremist armed groups. Her plan is to achieve this by raising awareness in children of what participation within these groups means for them, and what the consequences are. Divina will organize two workshops that will focus on two important rights: the right to education and the right to security. In this way she will create awareness about combating violence, extremist groups and its consequences. She also printed cartoons on t-shirts to strengthen her message. The participants can keep the t-shirts, in order to spread the message in their surroundings. Divina designed this cartoon during an earlier project. What is Divina’s goal? Divina’s goal is to discourage children to become members in terrorist groups. She wishes to influence children, that perhaps are already part of these armed groups, to leave them. Also, she hopes that children living in communities that encourage children to become soldiers will stand up for the cause and reject that culture. As a consequence, she wishes to see the rate of violent extremism decrease, and see more children engaged in peace building processes. How does Divina work? Divina will work together with Children for Peace, a group created by herself which is fighting against violence. She is also looking for collaborations with other youth organizations. Divinia will use surveys to measure the impact of her project. She will also try to distribute as many photos and videos of the workshop and cartoon as possible, to reach even more people. What does Davina need? T-shirts to spread her message through the cartoons printed on it Refreshments for the workshops Posters to spread the message Children engaging in her project Adults encouraging their children to participate in her project Mosques where the workshops will be held Who does she need? The members of the Children for Peace team, as they will be the ones leading the workshops
L3C = Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte
What is the problem? Kabir is convinced that education is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Through reading and gaining knowledge, children can develop to be sophisticated youngsters and adults.   The problem is that there are not many children in Kabir’s neighborhood who can read properly. Even if they can read, they often do not understand what is written. Comprehensive reading skills are very important. Kabir believes that Peru is one of the worst countries in the world in this specific area and research studies have confirmed it. Kabir wants to change this and that’s why he took action.   What is Kabir’s solution? Kabir initiated the project: L3C (Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte), which stands for understand, make and share. Through this project children can learn to read better in a playful way, for example using music and games.   Four lectures per month are given at different schools. Due to these lectures dynamic reading clubs and study groups are set-up by the headmaster and the focus is on Child Rights, Peace and sustainable development.   What is the goal? The goal is to be able to reach at least 2.000 pupils with this project from the primary- and high school.   How will Kabir work? Kabir will run the project himself and make sure that all goes according to plan. He will organize the lectures and take care of the books. He believes it is going to be a challenge to keep the children reading. Who does Kabir need? ·         The Minister of Education and Human Rights. ·         Local Youth Organizations. What does Kabir need? ·         A good working relationship with the Government, schools and Youth Organizations. ·         Contact with other changemakers who are working on similar projects. ·         Tips and support from KidsRights.
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