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“Everyone is responsible for it’s responsibilities and obligation to guide it into a child’s society.”

K.N. Sathyaa

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K.N. Sathyaa wants to stand up for gender equality by organizing a one-day orientation for girls, where he will inform and empower them. He also wants to hold a mass awareness campaign on the theme. Also he aims to organize a kind of children's city council in his community.


Yousra against sexual violence
What is the problem?  Sexual violence against children happens all too often in Yousra’s community. A child facing sexual violence will deal with it for the rest of their life. Yousra wants to stop this and has decided to take action. What is Yousra’s solution? Yousra wants to bring a change by educating young people about sexual violence. She will provide them with information about sexuality in general and sexual violence in particular. This will happen in three phases. She hopes to increase awareness on this subject so young people can decide for themselves how to handle it. This is important because many families still consider this a taboo subject, which causes it to be a subject no one talks about. What is the goal?  The goal is to inform as many people as possible about sexual violence, convince them to talk about it and change their attitudes towards this subject. She hopes for a safe country without discrimination or intimidation.   What is Yousra’s method? Yousra expects a difficult challenge in convincing her community of the importance of her project and in encouraging people to speak about this sensitive topic. Who does Yousra need? ·         Two other changemakers from her school class (ages 15 and 16). ·         Local organizations that want to help her. What does Yousra need?   ·         More attention for this problem, for example through tv commercials.
Child participation
Karthik’s children’s manifest
What is the problem? Political parties in Karthik’s neighbourhood do not respect children’s rights. The needs of children are not taken into consideration and hardly any money is made available for this. The rights of children are just ignored. The right to education, for example, is only applicable to children up to and including 14 years old and child labour is allowed after this age. Karthik wants to increase the age to this right to 18 years old. What is Karthik’s solution? Karthik is going to gather 20 active and concerned children and youth in one group. Together they will make sure that the age is increased from 14 to 18 years old. The group will do this by presenting a manifest to local political parties. A manifest is a document containing a summary of clear statements which everyone can read. This manifest will be drawn up by a group of 20 children and youth. The themes child labour and education will be the key elements. Just before the elections, the youth group will meet the political parties to present the manifest personally. What is his goal? His goal will be achieved when Karthik’s community treats children with respect and political parties take children’s rights seriously. How does Karthik work? Karthik will coordinate and execute the project himself. He expects that it will be a challenge to reach the political parties before the elections. The parties will of course be busy with their campaigns. Together with the other youth he wants to plan an appropriate strategy for this. What does Karthik need? Advice from KidsRights Information on projects like his. Who does he need? Motivated children and youth who want to work with him on the manifest. Volunteers A local Indian organisation that will help him.

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