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“Environment protection is a key factor for upholding children’s rights”.


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Kowsalya studies and lives in India, where she has been fighting for children and for the environment for years. She started with this when she cooperated in several training programs for children, which made her see the problems that children are facing.

Later she also took action for the environment, by setting up Eco-Clubs and participating in theater games. She wants to pass on to other children and young people how important it is to protect our earth.

It is Kowsalya’s dream to get every city free of plastic bags & parthenium plants. Want to know why? Click here to read more about her project!


A Drug-free Child Environment
What is the problem? Far too many children in Ahmed’s surroundings get addicted to drugs at an early age, thereby reducing their chances of a good future. It has a huge impact on the lives of these children as they do not quite realize the consequences of their drug use. According to Ahmed, the Liberian government should play a larger part in the prevention of drug use among children. What is Ahmed’s solution? Ahmed wants to inform his community about the use of drugs with the March For The Mind campaign. Young people will gather on the streets to create attention for this subject and draw up a petition to get the government to take action. Besides that, workshops will be given to 75 to 150 children about the effects of drugs. What is the goal? Ahmed hopes that not only will the government take action, but also that children will receive more information about the effect of drugs through the workshops. His ultimate goal is for a safe environment where children get the chance to develop and face a good future, without drugs.  
Gender Equality
Sherneil's Social Media Campaign
What’s the problem?  On the Caribbean Islands, inequality between men and women in sports is increasing. The image that men are supposedly physically stronger, and have more knowledge about sports than women, is still present in Sherneil’s community. Sherneil believes that there cannot be any difference between men and women. Not in sports, not at work, and not in life. Women and men should be treated equally in all aspects. What is Sherneil’s solution? Sherneil’s project mainly exists of a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because she believes that via these platforms she can reach the most people. The campaign is focused on increasing awareness on the Caribbean about gender inequality in sports. Next to that, she wants to motivate her followers to push through, making sure they don’t quit. Sherneil is covering five subjects that each have a different goal. Posting facts about sportswomen & discrimination. With this she wants to motivate her followers to also take action on inequality. Quotes of women to inspire other women to chase their dreams and not give up. Women Featured Wednesdays, every Wednesday an article is uploaded on the website, featuring a sportswomen from the Caribbean. Sharing interesting articles about sportswomen, that were published by other channels. Articles about the issues that women are facing regarding sports. Next to the social media campaign she is organizing a gathering focused on inequality and faith. Various authorities will be present at the gathering, to start the conversation with Islamic women about the issues they see in the world of sports. What is the goal?  Sherneil aims to inform at least 400 people with campaign, about the inequality in sports. How does Sherneil work?  Sherneil will, as the founder of Supporting Girls In Sport, personally set up and execute the social media campaign. Who does Sherneil need?   Sherneil is getting help of her seven team members of Supporting Girls In Sports. They are helping her with writing and designing the social media posts and articles. What does she need?   For Sherneil’s campaign of course the internet and access to social media are essential. Next to that, the university where she is organizing the gatherings is very important.    
Ewelle’s step-by-step plan against child trafficking
What is the problem?  Every single day, children all around the world fall victim to violence. In Liberia, this happens to almost half of the young people under 15. Child trafficking is one form of violence in which children are sold and forced into prostitution, forced to work, or enslaved. Many children in Ewelle’s community suffer from child trafficking. Ewelle believes that children and youths should grow up in an environment free of violence and child trafficking and he has decided to take action! What is Ewelle’s solution? His solution consists of three steps: KNOW: the first step is to inform children, youths & adults so that they understand what child trafficking is, what its risks are and how children fall victim to it. CONNECT: once the facts have been reviewed, the emotional side of child trafficking will also be discussed. Survivors will share their experiences with participants. MOBILIZE & INFLUENCE: the final step is encouraging the community to take action against child trafficking. And motivate them to encourage others in turn. Ewelle will organize a protest march, the Walk of Freedom, to support this goal. He hopes that some 100 to 200 young people between the ages of 17 to 25 will participate. What is the goal? Ewelle hopes to end child trafficking in at least one area of the city. How does Ewelle work?  Ewelle leads his own project with support from the organization he works for. He will invite people to his meetings through e-mail, social media and telephone calls. He will also visit people at home. The meetings will take place at the university. Who does Ewelle need?   ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect) for technical support of the project. Members of the 100 Million Campaign Group. Read more about the group here.  Ewelle wants to talk with city leaders and organizations. He hopes to win their support in the battle against child trafficking. What does Ewelle need?   Training material like posters, videos, and toolkits. T-shirts for the Walk of Freedom.
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