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“In order for us the children to claim victory as youth and as adults in the future, we have to overcome the trials in our lives as children.”


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When Leilua was younger and came to the Samoa Victim Support Group's campus of Hope, she found herself in a buddy program. A program that was designed to bring back confidence to victims of child abuse.

Now that Leilua has grown up, she wants to pay it forward and help other victims of child abuse find inner peace. She wants to empower them and give them back their voice. In 1 year at least 60 trained buddies will be paired with at least 60 children, to have weekly meetings, field trips and workshops like 'SHINE' in which Leilua uses her own story to help the other children bolster their confidence.


Godfrey’s Green Life
What is the problem?  Godfrey sees in his surroundings, for example on the beach, on the street where he lives and in schoolyards, a lot of rubbish lying around. People do not know what to do with rubbish; recycling is hardly ever done. Godfrey thinks that many people do not know exactly what they should do with their rubbish. That’s why he wants to take action! What is Godfrey’s solution? Godfrey would like to inform his community about the environment and its preservation. In this way people will be more aware of their surroundings and maybe even pick up the rubbish lying around. To get people to be more aware, he wants to plant 50 trees with a group of people, because this will contribute to the preservation of nature and the improvement of the climate. When planting the trees he wants tell participants the importance of this action. He also wants to show how to recycle and re-use plastic by making things for the home, for example. Citizens can make a difference in the preservation of the environment by taking good care of it. Godfrey wants to raise awareness by giving information and taking immediate action, What is the goal?  Godfrey’s goal is to see a difference in his surroundings, that people are responsible for their rubbish and that the streets are no longer filthy. He wants to reach out to at least 100 people with his project. How will Godfrey work?  Godfrey will set up a team who will work with him on his project. He sees this as the biggest challenge in his project. After his project, he will look after and care for the young trees, which will be planted during his project. Who does Godfrey need?   ·       His brother and two friends (16 -18 years old) will help him with the project. ·       Participants of all ages. What doesGodfrey need?   ·       Advice and guidance to set up his project and to make it a success. ·       Trees
Divina's Peace Workshops
What’s the problem? Divina is worried by the rise of violent extremism within her country. Violent extremist groups have destroyed a great number of lives. They have also devastated farmlands, which caused famine in the society, as well as demolished schools, causing the interruption of education for a lot of children. Divina noticed that more and more children are getting involved in these armed groups and are recruited as child soldiers. She wants to do something against it and decided to take action. What is Divina’s solution? Divina wants to end the recruiting of children in extremist armed groups. Her plan is to achieve this by raising awareness in children of what participation within these groups means for them, and what the consequences are. Divina will organize two workshops that will focus on two important rights: the right to education and the right to security. In this way she will create awareness about combating violence, extremist groups and its consequences. She also printed cartoons on t-shirts to strengthen her message. The participants can keep the t-shirts, in order to spread the message in their surroundings. Divina designed this cartoon during an earlier project. What is Divina’s goal? Divina’s goal is to discourage children to become members in terrorist groups. She wishes to influence children, that perhaps are already part of these armed groups, to leave them. Also, she hopes that children living in communities that encourage children to become soldiers will stand up for the cause and reject that culture. As a consequence, she wishes to see the rate of violent extremism decrease, and see more children engaged in peace building processes. How does Divina work? Divina will work together with Children for Peace, a group created by herself which is fighting against violence. She is also looking for collaborations with other youth organizations. Divinia will use surveys to measure the impact of her project. She will also try to distribute as many photos and videos of the workshop and cartoon as possible, to reach even more people. What does Davina need? T-shirts to spread her message through the cartoons printed on it Refreshments for the workshops Posters to spread the message Children engaging in her project Adults encouraging their children to participate in her project Mosques where the workshops will be held Who does she need? The members of the Children for Peace team, as they will be the ones leading the workshops
Ewelle’s step-by-step plan against child trafficking
What is the problem?  Every single day, children all around the world fall victim to violence. In Liberia, this happens to almost half of the young people under 15. Child trafficking is one form of violence in which children are sold and forced into prostitution, forced to work, or enslaved. Many children in Ewelle’s community suffer from child trafficking. Ewelle believes that children and youths should grow up in an environment free of violence and child trafficking and he has decided to take action! What is Ewelle’s solution? His solution consists of three steps: KNOW: the first step is to inform children, youths & adults so that they understand what child trafficking is, what its risks are and how children fall victim to it. CONNECT: once the facts have been reviewed, the emotional side of child trafficking will also be discussed. Survivors will share their experiences with participants. MOBILIZE & INFLUENCE: the final step is encouraging the community to take action against child trafficking. And motivate them to encourage others in turn. Ewelle will organize a protest march, the Walk of Freedom, to support this goal. He hopes that some 100 to 200 young people between the ages of 17 to 25 will participate. What is the goal? Ewelle hopes to end child trafficking in at least one area of the city. How does Ewelle work?  Ewelle leads his own project with support from the organization he works for. He will invite people to his meetings through e-mail, social media and telephone calls. He will also visit people at home. The meetings will take place at the university. Who does Ewelle need?   ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect) for technical support of the project. Members of the 100 Million Campaign Group. Read more about the group here.  Ewelle wants to talk with city leaders and organizations. He hopes to win their support in the battle against child trafficking. What does Ewelle need?   Training material like posters, videos, and toolkits. T-shirts for the Walk of Freedom.
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