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“My dream is a community where children’s rights will be respected and protected.”


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Since 2005 Luc and his parents, 3 brothers and 4 sisters live in Tanzania. Before that, they lived in the Congo but had to flee that country due to the war that was raging there.

Luc is one of the founders of a Youth Advocacy Team at his school. Its goals are fighting sexual violence, promote education for girls and reduce inequality between boys and girls.

By now, Luc has finished school with a degree in Business Management but the group is still active.

Luc’s dream is a community where children’s rights will be respected and protected. Where girls and boys have equal opportunity and everyone can go to school. A community where children have a voice and people listen to them.

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Luc’s training against parental violence
What is the problem? Luc has seen how parents often use violence while raising their children. Every family is different of course, but in many cases, children receive severe punishment when they misbehave. They are hit, cursed at, or taken from school and put to work. Luc thinks these punishments are too severe and has decided to take action. Wat is Luc’s solution? Luc will hold training sessions and group discussions with parents, teachers, local leaders and children present. He wants to make them aware of children’s rights and promote a more constructive way of raising children with reasonable punishment. During the training, parents will be taught nonviolent ways to correct children when they misbehave. The topic of the group discussions will be the behavior of children and youths. The participants will discuss behavior that can be improved and constructive ways to improve it. Luc will also support children who receive very severe punishments. He will be aided by an already established program in this endeavor. What is the goal? The goal is to end corporal punishment. He also wants participants to acknowledge and respect children’s rights and for parents to change their perspective on the development of their children. How does Luc work? Luc will plan, organize and lead the group discussion and training. He wants to involve as many young people from his community as possible in his project but foresees problems. Raising the money and finding teaching material will also be a challenge. What does Luc need? Luc needs teaching material and a location to hold the training and workshop. Who does he need? The students from the Youth Advocacy Team will help Luc execute his project. Read more about the youth team Luc is a member of. Luc would also like to receive help from local organizations concerned with children’s rights and wants to find other changemakers through KidsRights. He hopes they can learn from each other.
Child labor
Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA)
Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) is KidsRights’ project partner in India. Since 1980 BBA has been fighting the most serious forms of child labour in India. They have been doing this in various ways, from direct rescue missions and information campaigns to changes in national legislation. Through education and poverty reduction they are striving for a future without child labour and child trafficking. BBA was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2014 Kailash Satyarthi.
Yousra against sexual violence
What is the problem?  Sexual violence against children happens all too often in Yousra’s community. A child facing sexual violence will deal with it for the rest of their life. Yousra wants to stop this and has decided to take action. What is Yousra’s solution? Yousra wants to bring a change by educating young people about sexual violence. She will provide them with information about sexuality in general and sexual violence in particular. This will happen in three phases. She hopes to increase awareness on this subject so young people can decide for themselves how to handle it. This is important because many families still consider this a taboo subject, which causes it to be a subject no one talks about. What is the goal?  The goal is to inform as many people as possible about sexual violence, convince them to talk about it and change their attitudes towards this subject. She hopes for a safe country without discrimination or intimidation.   What is Yousra’s method? Yousra expects a difficult challenge in convincing her community of the importance of her project and in encouraging people to speak about this sensitive topic. Who does Yousra need? ·         Two other changemakers from her school class (ages 15 and 16). ·         Local organizations that want to help her. What does Yousra need?   ·         More attention for this problem, for example through tv commercials.
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