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“I dream of a future based on unconditional love, where everyone is accepted, no matter what.”


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Loves: Watching TV and doing research

Maxwell loves to watch television, especially the programmes on Nickelodeon. He also likes to do research on sexual discrimination, education, health, leadership and politics. He considers himself a clever and enthusiastic changemaker.

He is already working on a campaign to increase the minimum age of purchasing tobacco and alcohol from 18 to 21 years old. He had been inspired by a friend who collaborated on a similar kind of campaign in America.

Maxwell dreams of a world in which the work of human rights organisations is not necessary anymore, because everyone respects each other. A world in which children have room  to participate in making decisions on their rights and where there is enough opportunity for everyone.


Kicking Child Malnutriction Out of Uganda
What is the problem?  Malnutrition is a world wide problem, every year 2.6 million children die because of this. The effects of Malnutrition is most dangerous in pregnant woman and children. Ananias has seen that the woman in his area do not know how to feed themselves or their babies during or after pregnancy. It has to do with nourishment with low nutrients and high calories. This is one of the reasons too many babies are born underweight. It is important for the health of pregnant women and children that they are knowledgeable of malnutrition. That is why Ananias wants to become active. What is Ananias’ solution? Ananias wants to spread the knowledge of malnutrition in children and pregnant woman via an educational campaign. This campaign will focus especially on mothers and caregivers/nurses. He truly believes that by doing so malnutrition and underweight will decline. What is the goal?  Ananias’ goal is to see the total amount of malnutritional children sharply decline. How is Ananias going to do this?  Firstly, Ananias will ask youths (younger than 24) at his University to participate in his project. He will then participate in 6 local radio station to talk about malnutrition in children and pregnant women. After that, he wants to go together with his group of students to various neighborhoods and fugitive camps to spread the word on malnutrition. He will lead up the whole project himself and the planning and make sure that the goal is reached. 
Moejoh’s U-Recycle Hubs
What is the problem?  Together we produce an enormous amount of waste. This amount has a negative effect on our health, the ocean, our environment, and the earth. The way we deal with our waste has to change. Moejoh believes recycling and separating waste is a step in the right direction but according to her, the Nigerian government is not really participating in that. Together with her team of U-Recycle she wants to change the current waste system. What is Moejoh’s solution? At schools, Moejoh wants to start building U-Recycle Hubs, in which waste will be separated. The Hubs are little houses build of plastic bottles. At the participating schools, a workshop will be given first, in which the importance of recycling and separating waste will be explained to students and teachers. Also, a Recycle Bin-Making Contest will be organized. By making the most beautiful recycling bin, the students can win pizza’s and a trophy of plastic bottles. In this way, students learn how processing waste, contributes to the protection of the environment. What is the goal?  Moejoh hopes that all students will use the Recycle Hubs well, and will learn to understand the importance of separating waste and recycling. She hopes to build U-Recycle Hubs at all the schools in her surroundings. How does Moejoh work?  Moejoh starts with the U-Recycle Hub, workshops, Recycling Bin Making Contest, at one school. 15 volunteers of U-Recycle and 50 students of the school will help building the Hub. A month before they start, the students will start gathering plastic bottles. Moejoh will lead the project herself, and make sure the volunteers, students, and teacher will cooperate. Who does Moejoh need? The members of her organization U-Recycle (Environmental) organizations that want to support her project, since building the Hubs will cost quite some money What does she need?   Support of KidsRights Money to build the U-Recycle Hubs
Jeff's Anti-Jigger Campaign
What is the problem? In Jeff’s neighborhood, jiggers are causing big issues. Jiggers are little insects that nestle themselves under your skin and lay eggs there. This inflames the skin which has significant consequences on your health. According to Jeff, many people cannot walk or sit properly, because of the infection in their feet or buttocks. Jeff has had severe inflammations as a result of jiggers himself, and as a result could barely go to school. There are various ways to prevent and treat jiggers, such as paying attention to hygiene, wearing shoes, and removing jiggers, which can be done easily. Because of the poverty in Jeff’s neighborhood, these options are not a possibility for most people, which is why jiggers keeps spreading. There is also a taboo that plays a large role – local doctors do not want to threat jiggers, because they are afraid of getting infected themselves. As a result, people are not getting the help they need in the hospital. What is Jeff´s solution? When Jeff was 9, he decided to take action against jiggers. He made shoes from old car tires, and helped people remove jiggers. Later, Jeff decided that as many children as possible should learn how to do this. With the help of a social worker, he has started his own project, the Anti-Jigger Campaign, which will seek to inform people about jiggers, hygiene, and making shoes. What is the goal? Jeff wants to inform as many children as possible about treating and preventing jiggers. With his Anti-Jigger Campaign, he wants to start with around 30 children, by teaching them how to make shoes and protect themselves against jiggers. Jeff’s goal is to make sure all children can go to school again, and that adults can do their jobs without having health issues. He is convinced this will have a positive effect on his community’s economy. How does Jeff work? Jeff will start with preparing an informative meeting about hygiene, and a workshop about how to make shoes. He expects the biggest challenge to be finding children that want to take action with him. Everybody wants to stay as far away as possible from jiggers, and as a result are they afraid to help the infected people. What does Jeff need? Old car tires for the shoes. Basic first-aid supplies such as disinfecting supplies and bandages. Soap for washing the students. Scissors for making the shoes with car tires. Needles for removing jiggers Who does he need? Groups of people where he can come by to inform them and give workshops. Children that want to participate in his initiative.
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