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"There is no one more important than children. They are the future"


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Mohamad Al Jounde is the winner of International Children's Peace Prize 2017. Mohamad was born in Syria on 16th of January 2001. He is committed to providing education for refugee children and established a school in a refugee camp, together with his family, in Lebanon.

I'm Mohamad. As a refugee child I couldn’t go to school,  so I do everything to ensure that other children can. I would like to share my story with you, to make you see why and how I, as a ‘changemaker’, can put the world into motion.

The initiative

Before my family and I had to flee from Syria, we met Syrians who had fled their hometowns after complete destruction. Children had to leave everything behind, so I immediately wanted to help them. My feelings didn’t change upon arriving to the Lebanese refugee camp, where I, like thousands of other refugee children, couldn’t go to school. Together with my family, I built a school in the camp. At this school, I taught English, mathematics and photography from the age of twelve.   

Together we move the world

KidsRights supports me, as a ‘changemaker’, in my fight for the education for refugee children. There are hundreds of children going to our school, who need confidence to be able to cope with their war trauma. I support them with photography and film, my two greatest passions. Together we make their stories public.  

My mission

The future is uncertain, so I don’t worry about it anymore. I concentrate on what I can do now. I don't think world leaders are going to make a difference, only children can do that. We should therefore support each other, together we can make a difference!  We hope to reach as many people as possible with the stories we go public with, so that children like you will also act as change makers. Everyone can be a changemaker, and all of your actions count, whether they're big or small.


YOCEL: against violence in Liberia
Liberian Abraham M. Keita, better known as Keita, is the International Children's Peace Prize Winner of 2015. He fights for justice for children who have been victims of (sexual) violence. This is too common in Liberia; Keita has even seen it happening in his neighborhood.  Read more about Keita's courageous battle  To support Keita in his fight, we searched for local project partners with the same goal. This resulted in a long-term collaboration with project partner YOCEL, an organization that works against violence against children in Liberia.
L3C = Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte
What is the problem? Kabir is convinced that education is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Through reading and gaining knowledge, children can develop to be sophisticated youngsters and adults.   The problem is that there are not many children in Kabir’s neighborhood who can read properly. Even if they can read, they often do not understand what is written. Comprehensive reading skills are very important. Kabir believes that Peru is one of the worst countries in the world in this specific area and research studies have confirmed it. Kabir wants to change this and that’s why he took action.   What is Kabir’s solution? Kabir initiated the project: L3C (Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte), which stands for understand, make and share. Through this project children can learn to read better in a playful way, for example using music and games.   Four lectures per month are given at different schools. Due to these lectures dynamic reading clubs and study groups are set-up by the headmaster and the focus is on Child Rights, Peace and sustainable development.   What is the goal? The goal is to be able to reach at least 2.000 pupils with this project from the primary- and high school.   How will Kabir work? Kabir will run the project himself and make sure that all goes according to plan. He will organize the lectures and take care of the books. He believes it is going to be a challenge to keep the children reading. Who does Kabir need? ·         The Minister of Education and Human Rights. ·         Local Youth Organizations. What does Kabir need? ·         A good working relationship with the Government, schools and Youth Organizations. ·         Contact with other changemakers who are working on similar projects. ·         Tips and support from KidsRights.
Victoria’s English classes
What is the problem? The quality of education at many schools in Columbia, is not as high as it should be. Many students are not being taught any foreign languages like English. While in fact, these are very important to the future of a child, for example when they want to apply for an university. What is Victoria’s solution? Victoria’s solution is to tutor children (age 8-12) in English. Her lessons focus on words and phrases that the children can use in daily life, like introducing themselves, describing objects and talking about family. Because Victoria wants to tutor as many children as possible, she will expand her team with two of her classmates. What is the goal? Victoria will reach her goal once she has inspired other children and youths to take action and help other children, for example by tutoring them as well. She is also hoping that her project will continue to grow and reach more and more children. How does Victoria work? Victoria writes the teaching materials, plans the classes, and guides her two friends in teaching their classes. She also teaches the classes herself. They take place every Sunday. She sees finding a suitable location as a challenge. What does Victoria need? ·       Teaching materials for the tutoring classes ·       A suitable location to teach the classes Who does Victoria need? ·       Her mother, who often helps her with her projects ·       Two friends will help her teach the classes ·       Her English teacher will help her write the teaching materials
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