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"It's time to put more effort in feminine hygiene management in school and public spaces. It causes drop outs in school and poor school attendance.’’


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Nyota and her parents live in the Mtendeli refugee camp in Tanzania. The political turmoil in Burundi in 2015 made them flee to Tanzania. Due to the taboo on menstruation, there is a lack of sanitary materials and separate toilets in the camp. It is the main reason why girls often do not attend school during their period or drop out of school. Nyota has launched a campaign in the Mtendeli refugee camp to create more awareness around feminine hygiene. She has given several workshops to girls and adults. Workshops that contributed to the improvement of facilities and lessened the shame amongst the girls. Nyota's goal is to extend the campaign to the adjacent Nyarugusu refugee camp.


Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)
Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), is an environmental organization in Ghana, Africa, that was found in 2013, by a group of enthusiastic environmental science students. 

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