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Child for enabling environment to stop child marriage

Sazeda was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017. She lives in a community where 6 out of 10 girls are forced to marry before the age of 18. This is due to a number of reasons such as traditional customs, poverty and lack of education. If a girl is forced to be married before she is an adult, this has many negative consequences. They are often forced to drop out of school and have children at a very early age.

To stop child marriage, Sazeda is planning on doing various activities. Firstly, she wants to form youth groups to raise awareness and motivate youth to join her in her activities against child marriage. Sazeda also wants to create Stop Child Marriage Committees in various schools, with the goal of not only stopping child marriages, but also preventing drop outs after marriage.


Child labor
Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA)
Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) is KidsRights’ project partner in India. Since 1980 BBA has been fighting the most serious forms of child labour in India. They have been doing this in various ways, from direct rescue missions and information campaigns to changes in national legislation. Through education and poverty reduction they are striving for a future without child labour and child trafficking. BBA was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2014 Kailash Satyarthi.
Gender Equality
Aichurek's theaters
What's the problem? In Kyrgyzstan, many families live in poverty and violence. Parents do not earn enough money or no money at all, so the children have to work. As a result, they cannot go to school. Often, it is the girls that cannot go to school because they have to work. Aichurek has been working since she was 12 years old, as her mother has a disability with which she cannot work. What is Aichurek's solution? Aichurek wants girls to know what their rights are. Because every child has the right to education, a safe environment and a life without violence! Aichurek first heard about children’s rights at the child protection center in her neighborhood. She was immediately determined to learn more and to inform other children about their rights. By organizing forum theater, Aichurek wants to make children aware of their rights. But what is forum theater? It is theater where problems are re-enacted, which the audience itself sometimes experiences. During the theater, the cast often stops performing. They do this so that the audience can have a say in how the play should proceed. The audience will then discuss questions such as: What does the main character want? Why is this not working? What else could he / she do? For example, Aichurek wants to make a play about families, working girls and violence. Daily problems are reenacted in the play. It will be problems that almost all of the students have seen, heard or experienced. What is the goal? The goal is to teach girls that they have a choice. They need to know that they have rights and what these rights entail. It is important to show the children that anyone can change his or her life. You just need to believe in yourself. Aichurek also wants boys to realize that girls have the same rights as they have. She wants teachers, school directors and parents to see how the violations of children’s rights are experienced by the children. How does Aichurek work? First, Aichurek wants to create a team with peers. Together with this team she wants to think, write and practice the plays for the forum theater. She will then search for schools where the plays can be performed. Before the forum theater begins, she will ask for the students’ opinions on equality between girls and boys. She does this to see if they change their opinion after the forum theater. Who does Aichurek need? Aichurek has mentors within the child protection center, who will support her with her plans. But of course she also needs peers who want to join her, as well as schools that give her permission to come by and play the forum theater.
Replacing trees with Sathiya
What is the problem? The earth belongs to everyone. It belongs to humans, but also to insects, birds, fish, and animals. According to Sathiya, people act like the earth belongs only to them. This causes many problems for the environment and therefore this has to change.  In the area where Sathiya lives, people plant trees that are alien to the region. These cause harm to the environment and especially to the water sources. Surrounding villages have to deal with contaminated water and this is harmful to both humans and animals. This is where Sathiya will try to make a change.  What is Sathiya’s solution? Sathiya will start by spreading information about the harmful trees. In May, he and five other young people will travel to two nearby villages to inform the population about the harmful effects of the dangerous trees. Hopefully, the people will understand that these trees have to be removed. In July, Sathiya and a group of enthusiastic children, youths and adults will remove the alien trees and replace them with trees that naturally grow in the region, and which won’t cause harm to the environment. What is the goal? The goal is to remove all alien trees and replace them with indigenous ones. Sathiya also hopes that his message will get through to people and that in the future they will be more considerate towards the environment. He hopes that his message will reach at least half of all families in the area. How does Sathiya work?  Sathiya leads the project along with five other youths. He thinks it will be a challenge to plan everything out, especially because he is busy with work. Who does Sathiya need?   ·         Local organization, to support his project. He has already approached these organizations. What does Sathiya need?   ·         Feedback on his plan from KidsRights ·         More information on the environment ·         Help with expanding his project ·         The knowledge and experience of other changemakers. How did they approach their project and what did they learn?

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