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Promoting peace in Gokana

Sibe was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017. He lives in Gokana, Nigeria. In his community there is a lot of violence between different groups of people. This leads to injured children as well as a lot of fear by children. Sibe is a peace agent - he wants to promote peace and thus advocates against discrimination. With his project, Sibe wants to inspire other children and youth to also advocate for peace. He will train other children to become peace agents as well. He wants to make young people aware of their role in the promotion of peace and gender equality in their communities and how they can use the platform to raise awareness. 


Green Hope: to protect the environment
Youth organisation Green Hope is founded and lead by Kehkashan Basu. In 2016 she won the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts to protect our environment and to create a sustainable future. Read more about Kehkashan When she was 12 she established Green Hope. They organized large scale events in Dubai to clean the beach. Green Hope has since become a large international organisation with more than a 1000 young members.

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