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“I believe that every effort in making a change will make a difference.”


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Loves: travelling and nature

Subasana is from Nepal and studies environmental science in Germany. She is sociable and is fond of being with as many people as possible. She also enjoys different cuisines and has a bucket list in which skydiving is at the very top of it.

Subasana is very interested in human rights and the environment. Therefore she works as a volunteer with different environmental organizations. In the meantime she has a lot of experience in drawing attention to and standing up for the environment and the protection thereof.

Her dream is that everyone on this planet will deal with the environment responsibly. She also hopes that communities will take responsibility and look after the environment with great care.



Kids CleanSUP
What’s the problem?   Dean’s company WhaSUP NL gives SUP (Stand Up Paddling) tours through Schiedam and the surrounding area. During these tours, he sees a lot of trash in the water. He wants to fight this pollution and has decided to take action! What’s Dean’s solution? Dean wants to teach children how to keep their environment clean and why it is important to do so. He also wants to help them lead a healthy life, with proper nutrition and plenty of exercise. This is why he has started Kids CleanSUP, a project where he takes groups of kids (age 8-16) to clean up the waters of Schiedam and surroundings while SUPing. The children are taught the basics of SUPing and receive a course book about keeping the environment clean, proper nutrition and exercise. The children get a free trial lesson, Dean hopes that they will like it and come back. What’s the goal? The goal is to keep the water clean. He also wants to give the kids a fun and active day and teach them about food, exercise, and trash. How does Dean work? First Dean will make a flyer to inform people about Kids CleanSUP. He will also develop the lessons. The information should be fun and interesting to the children. He will organize the trial lessons himself and keep contact with the children afterwards so that they will sign up for more lessons. Who does Dean need?   Partners to sponsor SUPs and teaching materials Children to participate in the lessons KidsRights to help him execute Kids CleanSUP What does Dean need?   Flyers Food and drinks Enough SUPs
Green Hope: to protect the environment
Youth organisation Green Hope is founded and lead by Kehkashan Basu. In 2016 she won the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts to protect our environment and to create a sustainable future. Read more about Kehkashan When she was 12 she established Green Hope. They organized large scale events in Dubai to clean the beach. Green Hope has since become a large international organisation with more than a 1000 young members.
Moejoh’s U-Recycle Hubs
What is the problem?  Together we produce an enormous amount of waste. This amount has a negative effect on our health, the ocean, our environment, and the earth. The way we deal with our waste has to change. Moejoh believes recycling and separating waste is a step in the right direction but according to her, the Nigerian government is not really participating in that. Together with her team of U-Recycle she wants to change the current waste system. What is Moejoh’s solution? At schools, Moejoh wants to start building U-Recycle Hubs, in which waste will be separated. The Hubs are little houses build of plastic bottles. At the participating schools, a workshop will be given first, in which the importance of recycling and separating waste will be explained to students and teachers. Also, a Recycle Bin-Making Contest will be organized. By making the most beautiful recycling bin, the students can win pizza’s and a trophy of plastic bottles. In this way, students learn how processing waste, contributes to the protection of the environment. What is the goal?  Moejoh hopes that all students will use the Recycle Hubs well, and will learn to understand the importance of separating waste and recycling. She hopes to build U-Recycle Hubs at all the schools in her surroundings. How does Moejoh work?  Moejoh starts with the U-Recycle Hub, workshops, Recycling Bin Making Contest, at one school. 15 volunteers of U-Recycle and 50 students of the school will help building the Hub. A month before they start, the students will start gathering plastic bottles. Moejoh will lead the project herself, and make sure the volunteers, students, and teacher will cooperate. Who does Moejoh need? The members of her organization U-Recycle (Environmental) organizations that want to support her project, since building the Hubs will cost quite some money What does she need?   Support of KidsRights Money to build the U-Recycle Hubs
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