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“I believe that every effort in making a change will make a difference.”


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Subasana is from Nepal and studies environmental science in Germany. She is sociable and is fond of being with as many people as possible. She also enjoys different cuisines and has a bucket list in which skydiving is at the very top of it.

Subasana is very interested in human rights and the environment. Therefore she works as a volunteer with different environmental organizations. In the meantime she has a lot of experience in drawing attention to and standing up for the environment and the protection thereof.

Her dream is that everyone on this planet will deal with the environment responsibly. She also hopes that communities will take responsibility and look after the environment with great care.



Child marriage
Sazeda's Youth Groups
What’s the problem? Child marriage is a custom that is widely spread throughout Bangladesh, where Sazeda is from. It is a custom which creates a great number of limits for girls and for the fulfillment of their rights. For instance, many girls marrying as children drop out of school as a consequence. Especially in Sazeda’s region there are high odds for child marriage. UNICEF estimates that victims of this custom are around 59% of the population. What is Sazeda’s solution? In order to stop child marriage, Sazeda is planning on doing a number of activities. The activities are directed at increasing girls’ self-dependency, which can be achieved primarily through education. For starters, she wants to form youth groups to raise the awareness of children on child marriage. The Youth Group Activity will take place in the form of group session, where there will be 20 peer educators to lead the sessions, for three hours a day for three days. These group sessions are meant for both girls and boys. In this way, Sazeda wants to transfer knowledge and skills. She hopes that they will understand the negative consequences of child marriage and change their behavior. Another planned activity are to held the group sessions on child marriage in the schools. Those school sessions will take place once a month for two months. Spreading this message at the place, that, more than any, has the power to combat this custom, has a crucial value for Sazeda. What is Sazeda’s goal? Sazeda’s goal is to decrease the rate of child marriage among girls. She wants girls to continue their education and to not drop out of school in case of early marriage. In this way, their self-dependency will increase. How does Sazeda work? Sazeda will lead her project. She fiercely believes in the participation of other children to implement her project plans, and aims at strong youth capacity building. Sazeda is convinced, that spreading knowledge about the consequences of child marriage is essential to stop this custom. This is why the starting point of her activities is in schools and involves the participation of other children. What does Sazeda need? In order to share her message and educate children on the topic of child marriage, Sazeda needs: training and sessions materials, such as posters, markers, art paper, books, writing pads, pens, flash cards and modules Theater materials, for the Theater for Development, such as costumes and music materials Who does she need? Sazeda needs the participation and endorsement of her project by other children. Also, she needs adults believing in her cause that allow their children to participate in her activities. As well, Sazeda needs people to help her in mobilizing resources for her projects.
Isha’s nature workshops
What is the problem?  Climate change: according to Isha there is a lot of talk about it, and everybody can see the changes in the nature around them. However, not much is actually being done against it. It is too much about money and too little about the wellbeing of people and culture. Steps have to be made! Isha wants to make sure that this will happen, to make a start in moving the world! What is Isha’s solution? Isha’s solution is a three day workshop about Life Beyond Development, in which different types of developments are being discussed. The workshops are held with the help of films, discussions, games, stories, and walks through nature. In this way, the young participants learn how to critically look at their environment. As a result, they will be able to make more sustainable and thought out decisions about subjects such as education, health care, and nature. The three day workshop program: Day 1: The Life Beyond Development workshop in which the participants will look at different kinds of developments and its effect on nature and people. Day 2: In order to show them how quickly you can get results, the participants are getting to work. In this workshop, they will work in the garden for a day. Day 3: Nature! While walking, participants will get into contact with their environment, nature, and the climate. The 20 to 25 participants of the workshop are children that live in the neighborhoods where the organization of Isha’s parents is active.    What is the goal?  She hopes to see that after the workshops, children will start to look critically at how the people around the world are acting now, and to form an opinion about that. Next to that, she hopes that the children will starting taking action themselves in their own environment. It does not matter how small or big this initiative is! How does Isha work?  Isha’s role is to develop, set up and execute the project. Next to that, she will continue to do research about the current methods of fighting climate change. She thinks it will be a challenge to get a lot of children to participate, mostly because their parents have to be convinced first. Isha expects that parents will be afraid that it will negatively influence the children’s schoolwork. Who does Isha need?   ·         The organization of her parents for advice  ·         Local organizations that have the same goal as she does ·         Her 5 team members that help with giving the workshops What does Isha need?   ·         Tips and feedback of KidsRights ·         The experiences of other changemakers worldwide    
Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)
Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), is an environmental organization in Ghana, Africa, that was found in 2013, by a group of enthusiastic environmental science students. 
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