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“We need to ensure that all children have a chance to live a decent life.”


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Loves: Reading and football

Taran attends high school in Mauritius where he lives with his parents and younger brother. Both his parents are teachers and his mother also runs an organization that teaches children on Mauritius and nearby islands to browse the internet in a safe manner.

His mother’s organization inspires Taran and he regularly helps teach about safe conduct on the internet. He also works for a children’s rights organization that tries to make children and youths aware of their rights.

His dream is for all children to know their own rights; this will help them reduce inequality and stand up for themselves.


Chinrasu’s activities
What is the problem?  Chinrasu has seen how more and more children in his community drink alcohol. They start at a very young age, often when they are about 12 years old. Many of them consider alcohol to be a normal part of life because they see it in their community, in movies, and in commercials. Drinking alcohol is considered manly and cool and young people are influenced by this image. All too often, this results in alcoholism, especially among the children and youth of poor neighbourhoods. Few know about the negative effects of alcohol, like diminished concentration. Alcohol use has a big impact on the development of children. Chinrasu wants to change this and has decided to take action. What is Chinrasu’s solution? Chinrasu will organize three activities at his university: Activity 1 is a small festival held in April. The theme of the festival is a happy childhood and participants are made aware of the negative effects of addictive substances like alcohol. Activity 2 uses movies and exhibitions to raise awareness. It is held in May. Activity 3 is held in June and focusses on professional organizations that offer help to addicted children. The activities aim to make the participants aware of how bad addiction is and what the effects on their health and future are. What is the goal?  Chinrasu hopes that the 25 participants will understand the risks of addiction and refrain from using drugs and alcohol. He also wants children who are already addicted to participate and accept the professional help offered in activity 3 so that they can hopefully beat their addiction. How does Chinrasu work?  Chinrasu is the leader of the project. He thinks it will be difficult to get children and youths who are already addicted to participate in the activities. Who does Chinrasu need?   Friends, to help him with the activities Students and teachers, to attend the activities Local organizations, to support him and offer professional help to addicted youths What does he need?   Feedback on his project plan from KidsRights Materials to arrange the exhibition and play the movies
Kids CleanSUP
What’s the problem?   Dean’s company WhaSUP NL gives SUP (Stand Up Paddling) tours through Schiedam and the surrounding area. During these tours, he sees a lot of trash in the water. He wants to fight this pollution and has decided to take action! What’s Dean’s solution? Dean wants to teach children how to keep their environment clean and why it is important to do so. He also wants to help them lead a healthy life, with proper nutrition and plenty of exercise. This is why he has started Kids CleanSUP, a project where he takes groups of kids (age 8-16) to clean up the waters of Schiedam and surroundings while SUPing. The children are taught the basics of SUPing and receive a course book about keeping the environment clean, proper nutrition and exercise. The children get a free trial lesson, Dean hopes that they will like it and come back. What’s the goal? The goal is to keep the water clean. He also wants to give the kids a fun and active day and teach them about food, exercise, and trash. How does Dean work? First Dean will make a flyer to inform people about Kids CleanSUP. He will also develop the lessons. The information should be fun and interesting to the children. He will organize the trial lessons himself and keep contact with the children afterwards so that they will sign up for more lessons. Who does Dean need?   Partners to sponsor SUPs and teaching materials Children to participate in the lessons KidsRights to help him execute Kids CleanSUP What does Dean need?   Flyers Food and drinks Enough SUPs
L3C = Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte
What is the problem? Kabir is convinced that education is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Through reading and gaining knowledge, children can develop to be sophisticated youngsters and adults.   The problem is that there are not many children in Kabir’s neighborhood who can read properly. Even if they can read, they often do not understand what is written. Comprehensive reading skills are very important. Kabir believes that Peru is one of the worst countries in the world in this specific area and research studies have confirmed it. Kabir wants to change this and that’s why he took action.   What is Kabir’s solution? Kabir initiated the project: L3C (Lee: Comprence, Crea y Comparte), which stands for understand, make and share. Through this project children can learn to read better in a playful way, for example using music and games.   Four lectures per month are given at different schools. Due to these lectures dynamic reading clubs and study groups are set-up by the headmaster and the focus is on Child Rights, Peace and sustainable development.   What is the goal? The goal is to be able to reach at least 2.000 pupils with this project from the primary- and high school.   How will Kabir work? Kabir will run the project himself and make sure that all goes according to plan. He will organize the lectures and take care of the books. He believes it is going to be a challenge to keep the children reading. Who does Kabir need? ·         The Minister of Education and Human Rights. ·         Local Youth Organizations. What does Kabir need? ·         A good working relationship with the Government, schools and Youth Organizations. ·         Contact with other changemakers who are working on similar projects. ·         Tips and support from KidsRights.
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