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“Show love in each heart to make the world a better place.”


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Loves: Studying, cooking and listening to music

Valeria and her younger brothers and sisters are living at their mother’s house. She loves volunteering and helping others. At her school, she is part of a club that raises money for people in need. Next to that, she likes to work on projects like planting trees and collecting food. Together with her friends, she is raising money for orphans.

In the future, Valeria wants to work for the United Nations and help solving social issues in Guatemala and rest of the world. She would especially like to see a change in the attitude of men towards women. She also wants to end violence against children and gender based violence.


Victoria’s English classes
What is the problem? The quality of education at many schools in Columbia, is not as high as it should be. Many students are not being taught any foreign languages like English. While in fact, these are very important to the future of a child, for example when they want to apply for an university. What is Victoria’s solution? Victoria’s solution is to tutor children (age 8-12) in English. Her lessons focus on words and phrases that the children can use in daily life, like introducing themselves, describing objects and talking about family. Because Victoria wants to tutor as many children as possible, she will expand her team with two of her classmates. What is the goal? Victoria will reach her goal once she has inspired other children and youths to take action and help other children, for example by tutoring them as well. She is also hoping that her project will continue to grow and reach more and more children. How does Victoria work? Victoria writes the teaching materials, plans the classes, and guides her two friends in teaching their classes. She also teaches the classes herself. They take place every Sunday. She sees finding a suitable location as a challenge. What does Victoria need? ·       Teaching materials for the tutoring classes ·       A suitable location to teach the classes Who does Victoria need? ·       Her mother, who often helps her with her projects ·       Two friends will help her teach the classes ·       Her English teacher will help her write the teaching materials
Isha’s nature workshops
What is the problem?  Climate change: according to Isha there is a lot of talk about it, and everybody can see the changes in the nature around them. However, not much is actually being done against it. It is too much about money and too little about the wellbeing of people and culture. Steps have to be made! Isha wants to make sure that this will happen, to make a start in moving the world! What is Isha’s solution? Isha’s solution is a three day workshop about Life Beyond Development, in which different types of developments are being discussed. The workshops are held with the help of films, discussions, games, stories, and walks through nature. In this way, the young participants learn how to critically look at their environment. As a result, they will be able to make more sustainable and thought out decisions about subjects such as education, health care, and nature. The three day workshop program: Day 1: The Life Beyond Development workshop in which the participants will look at different kinds of developments and its effect on nature and people. Day 2: In order to show them how quickly you can get results, the participants are getting to work. In this workshop, they will work in the garden for a day. Day 3: Nature! While walking, participants will get into contact with their environment, nature, and the climate. The 20 to 25 participants of the workshop are children that live in the neighborhoods where the organization of Isha’s parents is active.    What is the goal?  She hopes to see that after the workshops, children will start to look critically at how the people around the world are acting now, and to form an opinion about that. Next to that, she hopes that the children will starting taking action themselves in their own environment. It does not matter how small or big this initiative is! How does Isha work?  Isha’s role is to develop, set up and execute the project. Next to that, she will continue to do research about the current methods of fighting climate change. She thinks it will be a challenge to get a lot of children to participate, mostly because their parents have to be convinced first. Isha expects that parents will be afraid that it will negatively influence the children’s schoolwork. Who does Isha need?   ·         The organization of her parents for advice  ·         Local organizations that have the same goal as she does ·         Her 5 team members that help with giving the workshops What does Isha need?   ·         Tips and feedback of KidsRights ·         The experiences of other changemakers worldwide    
Kids CleanSUP
What’s the problem?   Dean’s company WhaSUP NL gives SUP (Stand Up Paddling) tours through Schiedam and the surrounding area. During these tours, he sees a lot of trash in the water. He wants to fight this pollution and has decided to take action! What’s Dean’s solution? Dean wants to teach children how to keep their environment clean and why it is important to do so. He also wants to help them lead a healthy life, with proper nutrition and plenty of exercise. This is why he has started Kids CleanSUP, a project where he takes groups of kids (age 8-16) to clean up the waters of Schiedam and surroundings while SUPing. The children are taught the basics of SUPing and receive a course book about keeping the environment clean, proper nutrition and exercise. The children get a free trial lesson, Dean hopes that they will like it and come back. What’s the goal? The goal is to keep the water clean. He also wants to give the kids a fun and active day and teach them about food, exercise, and trash. How does Dean work? First Dean will make a flyer to inform people about Kids CleanSUP. He will also develop the lessons. The information should be fun and interesting to the children. He will organize the trial lessons himself and keep contact with the children afterwards so that they will sign up for more lessons. Who does Dean need?   Partners to sponsor SUPs and teaching materials Children to participate in the lessons KidsRights to help him execute Kids CleanSUP What does Dean need?   Flyers Food and drinks Enough SUPs
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