Changemakers Program - Guidelines - KidsRights

Changemakers Program - Guidelines

  1. Participants in the Changemakers program are between the ages of 12 and 24.
  2. The projects/initiatives within the Changemaker Program must promote the rights of children worldwide as mentioned in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  3. In the Changemakers Program KidsRights does not support projects focused on personal development of skills. In the Changemakers Program KidsRights wants to support sustainable changemaking by children, for children.
  4. Within the Changemakers Program, KidsRights supports changemakers that are initiators of a project and/or have a leading role in the project.
  5. The projects/initiatives of the Changemaker Program promote sustainable improvements to the rights of children, which means that KidsRights does not support:
    • Sending goods overseas, or from one country to another;
    • Activities for or within orphanages;
    • Random distribution of goods or food.
  6. The projects/initiatives of the Changemakers Program do not have bad side effects:
    • No projects/initiatives that harm other people;
    • No projects that badly harm the environment.
  7. Discrimination and conversion are not allowed in the projects/initiatives of the Changemakers Program.
  8. With the Changemakers Program, KidsRights does not support projects/initiatives bound by political parties.
  9. The changemaker is able to communicate with KidsRights in English, Spanish or Dutch. A supporter is allowed to translate, but the changemaker provides the supporter.


  1. KidsRights does not support the Action Developer projects/initiatives with money.
  2. KidsRights does not pay loans or a volunteer fee with the Changemakers Program.
  3. KidsRights does not cover the purchase of goods that require management or become devalued after long term use.

Welcome to the KidsRights Changemakers Movement!

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