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Action developer

“Every child should be free from abuses and have access to adequate opportunities.”

Ahmed (22)
Theme: Violence

A Drug-free Child Environment

Ahmed and his two brothers and sisters live with their grandmother in Liberia. He is studying and committed to helping orphans and children in his surroundings who are addicted to drugs.

Ahmed hopes that children continue to get the opportunity to be heard and be able to make decisions about issues that concern them.  

What is the problem? Far too many children in Ahmed’s surroundings get addicted to drugs at an early age, thereby reducing their chances of a good future. It has a huge impact on the lives of these children as they do not quite realize the consequences of their drug use. According to Ahmed, the Liberian government should play a larger part in the prevention of drug use among children.

What is Ahmed’s solution? Ahmed wants to inform his community about the use of drugs with the March For The Mind campaign. Young people will gather on the streets to create attention for this subject and draw up a petition to get the government to take action. Besides that, workshops will be given to 75 to 150 children about the effects of drugs.

What is the goal? Ahmed hopes that not only will the government take action, but also that children will receive more information about the effect of drugs through the workshops. His ultimate goal is for a safe environment where children get the chance to develop and face a good future, without drugs.