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“Every child should be free from abuses and have access to adequate opportunities.”

Ahmed (25)
Theme: Health

Drug Awareness Campaign (DAC) in Slum Communities

Ahmed wants to focus on children's right article 33 of UNCRC: 'as it's the right of every child to be protected against drugs, it has to be ended.'

He wants to do a drug awareness campaign in slum communities where children are often faced with drug trafficking. He hopes with this campaign to make a call for nationwide measurable action and hopes to achieve a mass reduction of use and sale of illicit substances.

A bill has already been sent to the House of Legislative to establish an act that prohibit narcotic substances, but it has not been approved yet.

Ahmed will give workshops, give a speech and speak on radio/tv. With his last campaign he did in the Action Developer phase he raised awareness about this topic to the local government by a march and a workshop, but now he wants to raise awareness on nationwide level and thereby reach more people, including people from the more remote areas where drug trafficking happens a lot.