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“Every child should be free from abuses and have access to adequate opportunities.”

Ahmed (23)

Ahmed's Update

Ahmed is fighting against drug use amongst orphans in the area he lives in. Read more about Ahmed’s project here.

What did Ahmed do?  
Ahmed organized a march, together with his team for March4theMind and reached 400 children and youngsters. He also visited schools and gave workshops to both groups. 

How did it go?  
Very well! Ahmed made sure he contacted the government and schools beforehand with the question of whether they would cooperate with his project. With that, he and his team, March4theMind, went to schools to give them information on the dangers of drugs. He organized a workshop for 5 children who wanted to participate in spreading the word on drugs. 

“The rights of a child are the global rights of humanity – denying the rights of a child are denying the global rights of humanity.” - Ahmed 

In which way did Ahmed make an impact?  
Due to his actions the government are now actively busy pushing against the selling of drugs to children. Not only that, but a lot of children are now aware of the negative effects of drugs. He has achieved an awful lot, but Ahmed isn’t going to stop there. He wants to reach out to even more children and youngsters. 

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