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Action developer

“Until we see ourselves as remedies to the world's problem,we will always be the the victim of it.”

Albert (23)
Theme: Education

Albert’s project: Mwalimu's Kiddiespreneur

Albert created the organization called 'Mwalimu Kiddiesprenuer', which is a platform for kids which is meant to give access to quality education for all children.

In his community kids with disabled and low earning parents are generally sent to acquired additional funding for the family, either by begging, labor jobs, illicit drugs transporters or sex workers. These kids go to schools that lack the adequate resources to impact the right kind of knowledge to them. Therefore with Mwalimu kiddiesprenuer, Albert intends to teach basics skills such as (baking, soap making, and business management) to these children, so they can (with their help) assist their families and also save for college.

With the club, they will set up a special fund that will be intended to aid the schools have access to some needed schools materials.