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Action developer

“There is no better way to be happy than to do your bit for others to be happy too.”

Alexa (17)
Theme: Education

Alexa’s project: Discovering a new book

Alexa wishes to open a support education club. She conducts a club meeting with all the children from her community, to teach them new things that they don’t learn at school and that they need to know.  

She aims to motivate them to get interested in maths, science, astronomy, arts and expand their knowledge in the area they like the most. She also plans to print a book that she has written about a group of friends that have adventures worldwide where they discover new culture, people and places. Her main objective is that children have more interest in wanting to help, train, want to acquire more knowledge without seeing it as something boring or an obligation that they do not want to do, also that they acquire new knowledge that will contribute a lot to their lives and that they probably won't learn at home or at school.