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"I always wonder why someone doesn't do something about that, then I realised I was somebody.”

Alvin (26)
Theme: Education

Alvin's project: The importance of sign language

In Alvin's community, there are many students who find it difficult to communicate with other kids because they are deaf. These kids have experienced isolation, discrimination and inequality. As they grow older they cannot be employed or manage a serious business which puts them among the poorest people. The problem is the lack of communication. Alvin believes that sign language should not only be taught to deaf kids but also to others. He wants to conduct workshops in his community to teach children about the importance of sign language, a few basic sign language notions, and organize a march to raise awareness on the matter amongst government representatives with the purpose of introducing sign language in the school curriculum. He also wants to teach deaf children things such as sewing, hair-dressing, computer programs etc. to help them out in the real world.