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Action developer

“Let's rise to support nutritious food for proper growth and development of children.”

Ananias (26)
Theme: Health

Kicking Child Malnutriction Out of Uganda

Ananias comes from a large family of 6 brothers and 3 sisters and studies at a University in Uganda. He is motivated and energetic, good at making others enthusiastic and loves public speaking. He hopes to become a real changemaker for KidsRights. 

What is the problem? 
Malnutrition is a world wide problem, every year 2.6 million children die because of this. The effects of Malnutrition is most dangerous in pregnant woman and children. Ananias has seen that the woman in his area do not know how to feed themselves or their babies during or after pregnancy. It has to do with nourishment with low nutrients and high calories. This is one of the reasons too many babies are born underweight. It is important for the health of pregnant women and children that they are knowledgeable of malnutrition. That is why Ananias wants to become active.

What is Ananias’ solution?
Ananias wants to spread the knowledge of malnutrition in children and pregnant woman via an educational campaign. This campaign will focus especially on mothers and caregivers/nurses. He truly believes that by doing so malnutrition and underweight will decline.

What is the goal? 
Ananias’ goal is to see the total amount of malnutritional children sharply decline.

How is Ananias going to do this? 
Firstly, Ananias will ask youths (younger than 24) at his University to participate in his project. He will then participate in 6 local radio station to talk about malnutrition in children and pregnant women. After that, he wants to go together with his group of students to various neighborhoods and fugitive camps to spread the word on malnutrition. He will lead up the whole project himself and the planning and make sure that the goal is reached.