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Angela Vallejos Aspajo (23)
Theme: Child labor, Education

I walk to educate (educando-ando)

Angela is a changemaker from Peru who is on a mission to help child victims of child labour. Her project, Educando-ando, provides comprehensive education and psychological support to children between the ages of 5 and 12, and their families, to help them reintegrate into formal schooling.

The project has several stages, starting with an initial intervention through buses equipped as libraries/bookshops. Angela and her team carry out informative talks to encourage children and their respective tutors to enrol in the programme. A curriculum vitae is built up to provide support for their leveling and allow them to reintegrate into the school system. Angela also creates alliances with educational institutions that support victims of child labour.

Angela's project also includes support for the children's parents, with campaigns to collect solidarity baskets for participating families as an incentive to continue their support. Training is provided to parents or guardians during the same period in employability and entrepreneurship to increase their income so that the children are not forced back onto the streets.

The final phase of the project is the evaluation of the children's graduation from the Educando-ando programme upon entry into a formal school. Angela's project also includes an online campaign to raise awareness about this problem and to call on young people who are equally interested in the project. Fundraising is also conducted to cover what is needed for the project, such as educational materials, refreshments, bus fitting out, and more.