B. Ellioth - KidsRights
Action developer

“No matter how bad the world may seem today, it cannot determine our future. However, we have the power to end all the violence against children by educating them on their rights and responsibilities.”

B. Ellioth (24)
Theme: Education

B. Ellioth’s project: Let's know our RIGHTS

Due to the lack of education on their rights and responsibilities, children in rural Montserrado have been victims of rape, teenage pregnancy, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Early marriage, child labor and all other forms of violence which is largely compromise leaving the victims with the pain.

B. Ellioth would like to start with an online campaign and constructive dialogue to achieve advocacy goal in child protection in his community. For this dialogue, children will gather at the Euphemia Barclay Public School auditorium in Bentol City where we will have facilitators to facilitate various feedback and learning hub sessions on children rights, responsibilities and children protection. Recommendations given from this meeting will be used as an effective tool of advocacy for children within these parts of our country.