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"We must all work together to ensure that girls stay in school during their menstrual period."

Ballah (23)
Theme: Health, Sexual reproduction health

Ballah's Pad4Progress training & campaign

Ballah was nine when he started to do volunteer work. He joined several groups that fight for children’s rights, both nationally and internationally. Through this he became chairman of Right Holders Network (RHN) in Liberia. RHN is a youth organization that leads the Rights Holders Movement ; a movement of almost a thousand young people who fight for children’s rights in Liberia.

Right Holders Network is a project partner of KidsRights. Read more about that here! 

Ballah realised that it is not easy for women and girls in Africa when they have their menstrual period. There is a strong negativity towards the menstrual period and therefore as little as possible is spoken about it. As a consequence many young girls do not know how to take care of themselves during their menstrual period. And yet taking into consideration that every girl, at some point in her life, will have to go through it. The lack of clean water, sanitary towels, tampons and clean toilets also pose a problem.

Ballah wants to bring a change to this. As a man, he thinks it is important to commit to this issue. Read here for more information about Ballah’s project: Pad4Progress (P4P)!

What is the problem?
In Liberia menstruation is a big problem for many women and girls. People see it as something negative, while it should be seen as normal. Many girls don’t attend school while on their period. There is also a lack of clean and private toilets, which makes it difficult for girls to freshen up. Another problem is the prohibitive prices of sanitary pads and tampons. Women look for cheaper alternatives but these are often unsanitary and increase the chance of infections.

Girls don’t know much about menstruation because of the taboo surrounding it. Ballah wants girls and women to know how to take care of themselves during their menstruation, so they can keep attending school.

What is Ballah’s solution?
Ballah’s project is called Pad4Progress (P4P). P4P trains women and girls and seeks to raise awareness about menstruation.

The training is aimed at girls and young women aged 12 to 24. They are taught about menstruation and how to make affordable sanitary pads at home.

An online campaign is aimed at raising awareness about menstruation. The goal is to teach people about menstruation, and so remove its negative image. He will also try to reach the Liberian government, in the hopes of making sanitary pads more affordable.

What is his goal? 
Ballah hopes to reach 8.000 people with his online campaign and gather 100 participants through his training. He will have accomplished his goal once every girl has access to free sanitary pads and no girl has to miss school because of her period.

How does Ballah work? 
Ballah is project lead at P4P. His responsibilities are scheduling, finding a location for the training and seeking professionals who are prepared to assist with the training. He will also create the content for the online campaign, which will primarily be about:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR);
  • Ways to make sanitary pads cheaper;
  • Teaching sex education (including education about menstruation) at schools;
  • Clean toilets at schools and other public places.

His project team will visit schools in his city to recruit participants for the training.

The online campaign will use different forms of social media to reach at least 10.000 online followers.

Who does Ballah need?  

  • His Rights Holders Network (RHN) team. Read more about RHN 
  • Professionals and experts who can assist with the training
  • His P4P team, consisting of 15 youths, and supported by youths from his RHN team, schools, and other kid’s rights organizations.
  • Participants for the training

What does Ballah need? 

  • Facebook, Instagram en YouTube for the online campaign
  • Flyers
  • Stickers
  • A location for the training
  • A laptop for his presentation
  • Transportation for the trainers
  • Snacks for the participants