Update on Benedict
Fund catcher

“Child marriage reduces a girl’s ability to realize their full potential.”

Benedict (18)
Sierra Leone

Update Benedict

Benedict campaigns against child marriages and teenage pregnancies in Sierra Leone. Read more about his project here.  

What has Benedict done? 
First he organized a gathering to inform different influential people in his surroundings about his campaign against child marriages and teenage pregnancies and the importance thereof. There were 10 children and 10 youths present.

After that a gathering took place to tell those present about campaigning on the streets and exactly what messages they want to convey. In total 30 participants were present, amongst which 10 adults.

Finally they took to the streets for three days with megaphones, and imams as well as pastors were asked to share the message in mosques and churches. With this campaign Benedict was able to reach 250 children and 300 youths!

How did it go? 
Benedict is especially proud of his gathering with children, youths and influential and important people. In that way he was able to explain properly the importance of his campaign against child marriages and teenage pregnancies.

In what way has Benedict made an impact? 
In total Benedict has reached more than 600 youths, children and adults with his campaign! They have been informed of the importance of campaigning against child marriages and teenage pregnancies. Furthermore the knowledge about children’s rights has also been enhanced.

What now? 
The next time Benedict would like to get more religious leaders involved, design colourful banners and set up a radio show, and thus be able to continue spreading his message.