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Action developer

“The future is now, don't wait for tomorrow because the future starts today!”

Betty (18)
Theme: Violence

Betty’s school sessions

Betty has two brothers and her hobbies are drawing, writing and working. She especially loves to work for organizations that increase chances for young people. She has a huge passion for people, and that is the reason why she is working with a group at her school. This group helps girls who are victims of sexual violence.

With her organization Betty’s Arts, Betty creates art in which she promotes peace and harmony between different groups. She would like to take part in politics later on.

Her dream is to bring change in her community as well as in the world. Change that will free the world of sexual violence, eliminate discrimination, where there is enough food and education for everyone.


What is the problem? 
Sexual violence is a daily occurrence in Betty’s community. Girls who are victims are ashamed and therefore keep their mouth shut, even though this may have a huge impact on them. These girls could have unwanted pregnancies, infections, STDs or other sexual diseases. Betty sees that when this happens, the girls usually drop out of school and lose their friends and family. The girls then have nowhere else to go.

Betty has tried helping them, but needs help to do so. With the support of KidsRights she is setting up a project.

What is Betty’s solution?

  • School sessions: At school Betty wants to organize sessions every other week where about 20 to 30 students, victims of sexual violence, parents, school and village leaders can brainstorm about stopping sexual violence aimed at children.
  • Visiting media & government:Together with a few participants of the school sessions she wants to visit diverse media companies and government institutions. She hopes that her plight will be heard and action will be taken. Betty is working with two media companies that are helping to reach as many people as possible.
  • Awareness Walk: Betty wants to conclude with a protest march in which young people, children, adults and victims of sexual violence can walk together. In this way she wants to draw attention to sexual violence. She expects 200 participants.

What is the goal?
That all inhabitants are informed of children’s rights and that sexual violence aimed at children is finally stopped!

How does Betty work? 
Betty will focus on guiding the team. She is afraid that money will be problem. But she is also convinced that if you really want to get something done, you can also achieve it without money.

Who does Betty need?  

  • Organizations, school leaders, parents and village leaders are the ones needed to think about solutions, to take action and to reach out to others.
  • The group at her school with whom she is working with. Read more about this group here.

What does Betty need?  

  • Advice on how she can set up her project.
  • A wider audience so that the world knows what she is doing.