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Betty (21)


Betty entered the KidsRights’ Changemakers Program as an Action Developer. She did a project called Campaign for Increased awareness and it went very well. She has now received a small fund for her new project. She says: "My project is targeting primary and secondary school students in selected schools within Nigeria. Many students will be educated on how to stop child abuse and molestation, on how to speak out and get justice. Me and my team have also been visiting local communities, camps and orphanage homes to create awareness on violence. “

We asked her questions about her experience as a changemaker. That is what she said.

How did you find out about our Changemakers Program?
“I think I have always had a dream of changing my world and my community. It thought to myself: I can do that if I really want to. So, I started talking to friends, elders and my family. My brother told me to do more research on Internet and that's how I discover a foundation that support and empower young people around the world. I started to follow the foundation and I began to ask questions about it and how I could be part of it. This was the 'KidsRights Foundation', who made me the changemaker I am today!”

What inspires you to be a changemaker?
“So many things have inspired me to be a changemaker. First, what really inspires me is the suffering of the vulnerable people, especially the pain and frustration that young girl, victims of violence, face every day. I found out that lots of girls cannot speak out just because men threaten them not to. To me that is painful and unfair so I taught I should do something to change this! And that's how I became a changemaker and that's what Inspires me!

What challenges did you encounter during your changemaking activities?
“Wow! I think I have encounter lots of challenges, like financial challenges, lack of materials, lack of Foods & Drinks and sometimes lack of Cooperation's from my teammates. These challenges are affecting us, but they won't STOP us from doing what we are doing to bring change!”

What is your biggest dream?
“ummm!! My biggest dream is to have my own foundation. It will be open every day to support young girls who are victims of child abuse & Molestation and vulnerable people. I also dream about setting up a program for children to acquire all sorts of life skills, and that will support them with school fees and materials.”

What advice would you give to other children that want to become changemakers?
“First of all, believe in Yourself and always have faith that whatever your heart is telling you to do is the right thing! And participate in both local and international volunteering opportunities because it will help you a lot and you will learn from it. Always listen to the elders, who can mentor you and teach you the way of life. Also, read books always helps!”