Chaeli - KidsRights

"People with disabilities have the same rights and needs as everyone else. My mission is to spread this message around the world”

Chaeli (27)
South Africa
Theme: Discrimination

I'm Chaeli and I was born with cerebral palsy, which means that I haven´t got the full use of my limbs. Sometimes I´m being excluded because of my disability. This doesn’t only happen to me, it happens to many others, but unlike them, I don't hesitate to raise my voice when I’m being shut out. I´m an activist. 

The initiative

I was 9 years old when I found out that a motorized wheelchair would offer me freedom and independence. Such a vehicle costs a lot of money though, and to be able to buy one, my sister, three friends and I started a fund-raising campaign. That’s because I always think in possibilities, not in restrictions. In just 7 weeks, we collected the necessary amount of money. So we thought, why not collect money to pay for aid devices for other children with disabilities too? This marked the start of The Chaeli Campaign.   

Together we move the world

KidsRights supports me, as a changemaker, in my struggle for the rights of disabled children. The Chaeli Campaign has a global reach now. We make sure that children with physical disabilities have the necessary resources. In addition to this, we stand up for the rights of children with disabilities, to make sure that none of them are left out.  

My mission

With the “Pay-It-Forward Ambassadors” project, we teach children communication, leadership, and network skills, so they can make positive changes in their own communities.  You too, as a changemaker, can move the world. Start with yourself or your neighborhood!