Charles - KidsRights
Action developer

“Let’s create a better future for children, it all depends on what we do now.”

Charles (15)


Charles noticed that a lot of children do not know about children's rights in the refugee camp where he lives in Tanzania. He wants this to change, by educating children with community meetings, seminars and school forums.  

We spoke with him about his changemaking activities. This is what he said:   

How did you find out about our Changemakers Program? 
Initially, I was doing activities with a child rights unit in our community here at Nyarugusu Camp. Those activities helped me gain the confidence needed to be nominated for The International Children's Peace Prize. Being nominated, was what helped me visit the KidsRights Facebook page and there was where I found out about the Changemakers Program.   

What inspires you to be a Changemaker? 
Reading about other Changemakers inspires me a lot, especially when they come from stigmatized communities like mine and they have similar situations as me, but they still do a lot of things to make changes. I am very happy that I can now contribute in a big way to changing the rights of children in my community and the world at large. The stories I read are very inspiring, some of them were Chaeli Mycroft and Mohamad, these people inspired me a lot. Reading about their efforts to help other kids get involved in child issues, made me realize my goal, which is to help kids gain the confidence to defend themselves.   

What challenges did you encounter during your Changemaking activities? 
I encountered many challenges during my activities. The most highlighted was how people think changes can be made. In our community, people think only adults can develop projects that can bring changes in the community. Those attitudes are so destructive that people like me are frustrated if they try to take any action for changes.  Recognizing that KidsRights realize that a child can also create a project that can bring social changes, we are strongly encouraged to take action and try to bring developments in our society. That realization was very encouraging!   

What is your biggest dream? 
My biggest dream is to help other kids to get involved in child issues, especially their rights. I want the world to know that it is possible to fight for your rights even if your culture does not give you the freedom to defend yourself about everything that is your right. I believe that “helping a child is good but building the capacity in a child to help himself and to defend his rights in front of everyone is better”. 

What advice would you give to other children what to become Changemakers? 
All I can tell kids who want to be Changemakers is that they have to start now, no waiting for tomorrow. If they will not start now, they may regret in the future the fact that they did not start earlier. Nothing else can be more meaningful than knowing that initiatives and efforts to protect the rights of children are making a positive change in society. Just try to start now; I assure you, you will never regret it!