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Eco-clubs of Centre for Social Education and Development (CSED) (2022)
Theme: Education

Our Earth, Our Hope

CSED was initiated in 1987 and child rights and child participation have been very much part and parcel of their organization. They strongly believe that children have got the ability, capacities and skills to understand things around them and bring in the needed changes. In their previous project they established an Eco-Club in one of the villages. These Eco-Club members are now in the lead for this project to upscale the initiative and replicate the model of the Eco-Clubs to different communities/villages.  

CSED is focusing on eradication of child labor and promotion of education and child rights, with special attention on child participation. It also works for the protection of workers’ rights in the textile industry in general and in particular adolescents and women. The Eco-clubs are a group of Environment Promoters that take on different important environmental issues at the community level, like eradication of polythene bags, open defecation and environmental awareness.  

The project aims to strengthen the activities in the existing villages  & establish Eco-clubs in 10 new villages by the existing Eco-club members. ‘Our Earth, Our Hope’ will include village level training camps for children/youth to enable them to become Environment Promoters. Eco-clubs will be promoted in the villages by the existing Eco-club members. In these villages eradication of Polythene bags and Parthenium plants is a target. The project will develop educational materials and it will make use of the existing Mobile Exhibition and Youth Theatre Troupe. “Our Earth, our hope” will enable children and youth to understand environment issues and it will create awareness on the harmful impact of Polythene bags and Parthenium plants.