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Action developer

“Every corner of the earth must listen to each heart beating with love for the creation of a world with art ... Because we can all do it!”

Estephanya's (18)
Theme: Violence
Singing, vocalizing, learning about the world, cultures, languages, history and philosophy of music, rescuing children with the help of music, hanging out with friends and family, exercising.

Estephanya's Art Workshops

Estephanya wants to fight different societal problems by getting children to be creative. She has developed a program that involves teaching children to express themselves through arts. She wants to motivate children to adopt 'one more friend' in their lives (one of the arts or health). She wants to do workshops and presentations on the importance of music, painting, photography, literature, writing and health. Workshops in which children also practise the arts and take part in competitions. Estephanya believes that this will teach children about the right values in life and will reduce violence, bullying, teen pregnancies and drug abuse by giving children the opportunity to focus on something else, make friends and increase self-confidence.