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“Commitment and compassion lead to a true and realistic vision for change. Let us be strong and take the necessary change to the world.”

Ewelle (24)

Update Ewelle: Education for street children

Ewelle is a human rights activist with a passion for children’s rights. He wants every child and youth in Liberia to feel safe and have the opportunity to visit school.

He is youth coordinator of the 100 Million Campaign which focusses on:

  • Youth support: every young person has a right to safety, education, and freedom.
  • Attitude change: a change in the attitude of the population will end illiteracy and violence against children.

What did you do?
A youth march to demand education for the most marginalized children. Liberia National Students Union and 100 million Liberia work in partnership over the last two months to engage their various networks of young people in communities who are denied education, and often forced to work instead. Together, they have built a powerful movement of young people wondering when each child will receive an education.

We explain the challenges faced by marginalized children in Liberia faces enormous amount of challenges: at present, it is undergoing a severe financial crisis which has placed the most marginalized children and their families at serious risk. We discussed with around 50 students in each school.

We regularly works with children who are out of school and in child labor, and helps them understand their rights to freedom, safety and education. This includes children living in the informal settlements of Buzzy Quarter, West Point, where the impact of neglected public services, the Ebola crisis, conflict, and enduring poverty are all too clear. We work with group of children who are out of school, with many engaged in child labor, including the worst forms.

Did you achieve the goal of your project?

My goal was:
Education awareness for Street Children in Liberia to be liberated through EDUCATION.

The final result was:
We will ensure every street boy and girl in our communities goes to, and finishes, primary and secondary school. We demand the government funds quality and compulsory public schools which are free, inclusive and staffed by trained, well-supported teachers. We will end discrimination and remove all barriers to children attending school in community. We demand policies from our government which tackle any poverty or sanitation –related issues, and which end violence within, or on the way to, school. We will ensure all street children and young people understand their rights and are empowered to advocate for themselves and their peers. We request schools and the education ministry to support our community effort by adopting human rights education in schools into the curriculum or extra-curricular activities.