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“Commitment and compassion lead to a true and realistic vision for change. Let us be strong and take the necessary change to the world.”

Ewelle (24)


Ewelle is a human rights activist with a passion for children’s rights. He wants every child and youth in Liberia to feel safe and have the opportunity to go to school. He is youth coordinator of the 100 Million Campaign which focusses on: youth support and attitude change in the community. Ewelle also works with ANPPCAN, KidsRights’s Liberian project partner.

Many children in Ewelle’s community suffer from child trafficking. He believes that this can be stopped with three steps:

  • KNOW: inform children, youths & adults so that they understand what child trafficking is, what its risks are and how children fall victim to it.
  • CONNECT: the emotional sideof child trafficking will also be discussed. Survivors will share their experiences with participants.
  • MOBILIZE & INFLUENCE: encouraging the community to take action against child trafficking. And motivate them to encourage others in turn.

Ewelle organizes a protest march, the Walk of Freedom, to support this goal. So, he organized three meetings in his neighbourhood on child trafficking. At the end of the meetings all participants understood what child trafficking is, what the effects are and how you can prevent child trafficking. This way, Ewelle was able to inform the young participants, connect with them and mobilize them, so that they can stand up for their freedom, safety and their education. Above all these young participants should step up when they notice that child trafficking is taking place in their surroundings. He has motivated and encouraged them to report child trafficking to the police from now on.

We asked Ewelle about his changemaking activities. Here’s what he said:

How did you find out about our Changemakers Program?
I did found out about the changemakers program through an NGO known as ANPPCAN, when I firstly volunteer my service on a project (Stop Violence aganist children) for ANPPCAN in partnership with KidsRights Foundation .

What inspires you to be a changemaker?
I got inspired to be a Changemaker because I want to focus on transforming the world around me into a better place for all. I believe everyone has the potential to be a Changemaker.

What challenges did you encounter during your changemaking activities?
The challange I encounter the most during my activities is the lack of funding to adequately carry out these activities.

What is your biggest dream?
My Biggest dream is to see young children lead a creation of a free, safe and educated world within a generation.

What advice would you give to other children that want to become changemakers?
They should do what they can, with what they have, and where they are. Do not ask what the world needs, Be the Change that you wish to see in the world.