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Action developer

“I love to have a peaceful environment, where every child has the right to education, health and nutrition.”

Fanny (18)
Theme: Education

Fanny’s project: Girls Action on Gender Discrimination

Gender inequality is a critical issue in Fanny's community. Some customs and tradition gives priority to male children in his community. This means that male children are given proper attention by the parents more than girls, however, parents believe that what a male child can do a female child cannot.

This belief has had a negative impact on the lives of girls as they are restricted the right to education, be it formal or informal. Fanny runs a public awareness raising campaign and workshops with children, which aims to draw public attention on the need to promote gender equality and protect children's right.  

In particular he carried out soft skills training and capacity building where girls are trained in traditional embroidery, particularly on the production and marketing of traditional dresses, beads and caps.  

The aim is to support them attain financial freedom, live well and support their peers in the community.