hendrerit fringilla

“A name and a nationality are indispensable and a basic right for every child”

Francia (27)
Dominican Republic
Theme: Name & Nationality

My name is Francia, I come from a small Dominican village where there are many Haitians. They, like my mother, have fled their native country. Many of the them have no official papers and because of that, they have no access to the same rights as Dominicans.   

Although I was born in the Dominican Republic, I had no birth certificate, which meant I could not enrol in high school. My mother, as Haitian refugee, couldn’t do get one for me. My father could, as a  Dominican resident,  but he had left us when I was 9 years old. Fortunately, I had a Dominican aunt, who took care of the necessary steps. Thanks to her, I received a birth certificate and could go back to school.   

The initiative 
At school, I learned that every child has the right to a name, surname and nationality. So I decided to act in order to make sure that other refugee children would also get their birth certificate, so that they could go to school and receive adequate health care. I knocked on doors in my village to tell children about their right to a birth certificate and that if they didn’t have one yet, I could help them get one. 

Together we move the world 
Kidsrights supports me, as a change maker, in my fight for the right of a child to a name and nationality. Currently, I am studying at university and earning money at a job I like. Since I want all children to have the opportunities that I have now, I will keep on helping them, regardless of where they are.

My mission 
Every human being has the right to happiness, which is  why I decided to act. After all, if something has to be done and you have the knowledge and the power to do so, then there is no reason why you shouldn't. I will most definitely continue as a changemaker, but what about you?