Homework Help for Poor Youngsters
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“It is important for children to be aware of their influence on the world. Adults see the world through a tunnel, while children see no borders."

Gabriel (23)
The Netherlands
Theme: Education

Gabriel's homework assistance

Gabriel is 1 of 6 children in his family. After his mother died, his father could no longer take care of him and his siblings. Gabriel's grandparents took over, until they became too old and he had to be looked after by the Child Protection and Child Welfare. In that period, Gabriel needed extra tutoring, but neither of the institutions had the financial means for it. One of Gabriel's friends encountered the same problem. Together they wanted to do something to prevent other young people from experiencing a similar situation. Gabriel started an initiative to offer homework assistance and tutoring to young people in the destitute areas of Rotterdam. With this initiative, the number of young people successfully finishing their education increased.