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“Why not make the world a better place by caring for nature?”

Godfrey (20)
Loves: Reading, dancing, playing with other kids.

Clean up beach in Dar es Salaam

Godfrey lives with his parents in Tanzania. His father is a businessman and his mother is a nurse. He loves to play soccer, reads lots of novels and sometimes he likes to help his mother in cleaning the garden and the street. Even at a very young age he has been picking up plastic from the street. Especially at the beach, he sees huge amounts of rubbish, such as plastic bottles and bags.

His dream is a clean environment and that everyone takes responsibility for rubbish, for example by recycling.

The project Godfrey did as an Action Developer was about educating his fellow students at school about environmental conservation. They also planted trees and cleaned the environment.

Godfrey's first project as an Action Developer was successful. That's why Godfrey now likes to do another project as a Fund Catcher so he can inspire others and set an example.

The project's purpose is to educate people of all ages about the importance of keeping the beach in Dar es Salaam clean. First of all, Godfrey wants to gather people at the beach and provide them with information about environment conservation. He has a lot of connections and people that are interested.

Then he wants to organize a beach clean-up and to build a plastic house that will inspire people to protect the environment. For the beach clean-up he will dig a hole in the sand - he will gather biodegradable trash at the end and plastic and others at the bottom. The trash at the bottom will then be collected by a specialized company with which he is in contact already; he will pay for the collection of trash from his own money or ask from the municipality.

For the building of the plastic house he will collaborate with Nipe Fagio Tanzania, an organization that does this kind of activities and with which he is already in contact. He already has the approval of the municipality about leaving the plastic house on the beach for after the end of his project and he wants to use it for further collection of the trash on the beach.


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