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“Why not make the world a better place by caring for nature?”

Godfrey (19)
Loves: Reading, dancing, playing with other kids.

Godfrey's Update

Godfrey is from Tanzania and wants to make people act responsibly with their waste and keeping their environment clean. Reed more on Godfrey’s project here.  

What did Godfrey do?  
Godfrey’s project, Green Life, was an item at his school for 2 months. He gave them information on keeping the environment clean, planted trees and collected plastic bottles. 

How did it go?  
With his information, Godfrey reached 30 students, and got help from a couple of co-students. 25 students participated in the planting of trees and 30 students helped to collect plastic bottles. It went well even though Godfrey’s goal was to reach out to more students, i.e. 100. Luckily, he is very happy with the results, because the students reacted so well to his Green Life project. His headmaster complimented him on his achievements and even a couple of teachers helped with the tree planting. 

In which way did Godfrey make an impact?  
Each and every student who participated in Green Life have now stopped polluting their environment. They were used to throwing their plastic bottles on the floor! Now they throw them in the waste basket.