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Vision adds value to every thing

Grace Mbere (18)
Theme: Child labor, Education

Casting Vision

Grace is a changemaker from Nigeria who has identified a need in her community to educate children about the importance of having a clear vision and specific goals for success. She believes that having a vision helps individuals see the possibilities of tomorrow within the realities of today, and motivates them to take action toward achieving their goals. As such, Grace has decided to proffer a solution to this by making people in her community more visionary.

One of the activities Grace plans to run is an awareness-raising campaign in her community, targeting children, teenagers, and youths between the ages of 4 to 12, 13 to 17, and above. She plans to hold seminars and conferences at gatherings and church, rent an auditorium, and send out publicity information through cardboard papers, fliers, and banners. Grace will also provide megaphones, lighting, and refreshments, and ask attendees to come with their pens, books, and jotter.

By the end of the program, Grace hopes that the children will have gained the following: 1) Knowledge about vision through the information given, 2) Understanding of the indices for setting a clear vision depending on their level, 3) Ability to set long-term and short-term goals from their vision, and 4) Evidence of at least 70% knowledge about what vision is all about. With this project, Grace hopes to empower children in her community to see the possibilities of tomorrow and take action toward achieving their goals.