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GAYO seeks to research and provide solutions to pressing environmental issues

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Theme: Environment

Sustainable community project

GAYO was formed at the end of 2013 by a group of passionate environmental science students with the aim of building the capacity of local communities. Their goal is to enable them to protect the environment through campaigns, workshops, advocacy and the provision of services that focus largely on ecological sustainability. GAYO seeks to become the nation’s most extensive organization that guides individual choices in promoting environmental friendliness and safety and the first strong gender balanced environmental organization that seeds the minds of children to view nature as a source of life, not a resource for exploitation. 

GAYO aims to solve environmental issues through youth empowerment and public education. It delivers environmental education to communities residing in sensitive ecological ecosystems. GAYO builds the capacity of local communities in order to empower them to protect their environment. GAYO aims to reach 20,000 children by 2020.

The Sustainable Community Project aims to support rural communities in the district  to  be  self-sustainable  by  providing kids  and  youth a  first-hand  experience  in  waste segregation, composting, organic farming and recycling craft and art. The project is a scalable project starting with the New Edubiase community and expected to reach other communities in the coming years. The purpose is to build a strong community where women and young people play an active role and contribute to pollution reduction.