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To empower young people to realize their rights and to preserve the pristine beauty of the planet for generations to come

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Theme: Environment

Guardians of the Environment

Green Hope was set up by International Children’s Peace Prize 2016 winner Kehkashan Basu in the United Arab Emirates. She founded the organization when she was twelve years old to work on a sustainable future and climate justice. Green Hope has grown into a truly international organization with many chapters all over the world and over 1,000 young people engaged in its activities.

Green Hope promotes education for sustainable development by engaging, educating and empowering children and youth through peer to peer learning. It is a youth centric organization and its young members are committed to protecting the environment by engaging the local and the international community through advocacy, capacity building, influencing policy making and ground level projects on the implementation of the SDGs.

The purpose of this project is to educate indigenous children of the First Nations, the original inhabitants of the land in Canada, as well new immigrant children, about how they can protect and preserve the environment. This project will empower them through environment workshops and it will involve collaboration with First Nations community organizations and the Ministry in Ontario so as to further the cause of environmental rights of these children. The project will provide the required tools to aid the environmental education of the new immigrants so that they work together with the original inhabitants of the land in order to build a sustainable future.