Participation of Children in Peace-Building
Action developer

"We have to cherish and protect peace in the interest of children, because we are not only the future leaders, but also the current leaders in training."

Hillary (14)
Theme: Education, Violence

Hillary's Peace Clubs

In the Ghanaian community where Hillary lives, there is a lot of violence. It stops children from going to school or playing safely outside their homes. Hillary is convinced that the situation will improve once the voices of children and young people are heard and when there is more input from young people in the community. He would like to establish 5 youth clubs, with 15 children each, that promote peace within the communities. Within these clubs, he also wants to bring together the different religions, so as to create a bridge between them and the communities at large. Hillary will join the youth clubs and help them set up various activities to promote peace.

What's the problem?

In Ghana, in the neighborhood where Hillary lives, there is a lot of violence. This violence stems from conflicts between different Ghanaian tribes, and has already killed many people. This makes it unsafe for children to go to school and play outside. Fortunately, local organizations are fighting against violence and try to create peace. However, according to Hillary, children’s opinions are not taken into consideration when it comes to making decisions that affect them, and thinks they need to be more involved.

This gave Hillary the idea to motivate and mobilize children to participate in activities that contribute to building peace.

What is Hillary's solution?
Hillary is convinced that his neighborhood will become safer when children and young people participate in campaigns that promote peace. For that reason he has established Peace Clubs, where young people unite and take action against violence.

In each Peace Club there are 15 boys and girls, from 10 to 16 years old. Hillary thinks it is important that religions are brought together within these clubs, but also that all children can participate and, for example, disabled children are not excluded.

The Peace Clubs organize events such as a Public Peace March and a Children's Peace Festival, to spread their message and motivate other peers to participate.

What is the goal?
The main goal of Hillary's Peace Clubs is to bring children from different backgrounds together and mobilize them to take action against violence. It is important that people start to see how important a child can be in building peace.

How does Hillary work?
Hillary thinks it's important to strengthen each other and is therefore planning to work together with several local organizations. He achieves this by telling the organizations about the Peace Clubs and by explaining how children can be of value in their activities.

Hillary also guides the Peace Clubs with setting up peace marches, festivals and information sessions at schools. The Clubs meet once a week to exchange ideas.

Another important part of Hillary's project is informing parents about the Peace Clubs visiting them personally. He does this so that the parents encourage their children to participate in the events of the Peace Clubs.

What does Hillary need?

Hillary uses posters, banners, pens and pencils to convey his message. Hillary also has shirts printed to create solidarity and to combat discrimination. By wearing the same shirt, all children look the same and everyone is equal.

Who does Hillary need?

  • Parents who give their children permission and motivate them to participate
  • Schools where he can tell about his project
  • Radio stations and newspapers to spread his message
  • The local police to protect him and the other members of the Peace Clubs